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Why are men and their ways so outright confusing!?

buy Deltasone without doctor In Bengali it is said – Nar charitra boroee joteel! (Men and their choices| desires |needs…are so very confusing indeed!) When Dharmendra went for Hema leaving his average looking first wife (Prakash) for the dream girl – we, the commoners, discussed among ourselves that it was but obvious for any man to fall for such an ‘exquisite beauty’ that Hema Malini was. Fine – so far so good. Very soon another shocker came – Kamal

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Teleserial – Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh – What is it trying to convey?

This serial is seriously asking us one thing – Should women be nice, simple & sober or bold, complex and aggressive to survive in today’s world? Serial (cereal?) Synopsis – Mother – of 3 children – Samarth, Sarika, Garima. Blind in son’s love. Blindly supports son. Obeys her aggressive children silently – or else they’ll probably kick her out! Strict on sober Garima! Samarth – Politician – Corrupt, debauch, womanizer – husband of Shobha. Sarika

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मोदी का सीना, जेटली की तोंद

देश के दो बड़े मंत्रालयों के मालिक अरुण जेटली अब छप्पन इंच का सीना ठोककर प्रधानमंत्री के बगल में खड़े होने लायक बन गये हैं। छप्पन इंच का सीना उनके पास पहले से था, लेकिन कमबख्त दुनिया की नज़र सीने से पहले उनके पेट पर जाकर टिक जाती थी। लेकिन अब जेटली साहब ने दिल्ली के एक सेवन स्टार हॉस्पिटल में सर्जरी करवाकर अपनी तोंद की नाप घटवाई है, ताकि छप्पन इंच का सीना पूरी

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How to Boo Inflation

Inflation, like infection catches you before you know it and spreads like conflagration before you can respond; not that the methods I suggest here would make you an overnight fortune or something. It would rather save you from getting bankrupt overnight (which I feel is more important in today’s scenario). Importantly don’t miss any point (baad mein road pe aane pe mat bolna 😀 ): 1.’ Petrol = priceless, for everything else there’s Master Card.’

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Some Funny #IndianEnglish,that will make you laugh

It was Yesterday when i saw #IndianEnglish is trending on twitter. I couldn’t stop my self to see all tweets related to #IndianEnglish. I was laughing like anything on some tweets, i will share with you those funny tweets 😉   Sorry! #IndianEnglish — Sukh Sandhu (@SukhSandhu) June 27, 2014   #IndianEnglish Teacher: Keep Quiet The Principal Has Passed Away, If U Talk So Loudly I Will Stand Uping You! & Will Kneel Down Outside! —

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The 7 Things I Loved About The Movie Chef

With a star cast that boasts of greats like Dustin Hoffman, and a promo that brilliantly captures the essence of the film, the movie had me prepared for disappointment. I went with high expectations, being a foodie and an RDJ-Favreau fan, and came out ABSOLUTELY inspired. Here are the top 7 things I loved about the movie Chef. – The amazing, gorgeous looking food: Do not go watch this on an empty stomach. The mise en

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6 Career Options For Rahul Gandhi

Completely flopped in his political career, Rahul Gandhi is seeking better career options and just registered his profile with It was late realization but he reportedly started thinking about better career options when Arnab Goswami asked him a simple question, “Are you a politician?” Rahul Gandhi is just a projected character like Dr. Manmohan Singh. A party needs a leader, who doesn’t have any decision-making power and confidence. So that rest of the leaders can

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#BoringNightsWithKapil: A Great Show Gone Wrong

It is no more funny. In fact it sometimes annoys. It is turning repetitive and lack of creativity is killing the charm of ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. The TV show is moving towards suicide. In this mode it is pretty sure people will start switching channels and it won’t remain a favourite. Why? I could think of the following three reasons. – Lack of Creativity: Same dialogues, same people participating, same studio and same jokes. Everybody

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Best Two-Liners For Modi Sarkar

Social media could be more boring without two-liners or ‘chutkuli’ on a featured picture. These two liners increase the visibility and engage more people by sharing and likes. Modi-Fan followers had done a great job on social media platform by creating such posts that got the maximum share. These were on time, on current topics and a fun over the small things happening around us. Check some of the creative arts. The last one is

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हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी भोलेनाथ

हे देवाधिदेव महादेव, चरसियों – गंजेड़ियों – भंगेड़ीयों केफेवरेट आप की महिमा अपरम्पार हैगुरु. आपकी ब्रांड वैल्यू इतनी हाई है कि मेरे जैसे तुच्छ मनुष्य आपका एक साइड भी पूरा नहीं समझ पाते, हम केवल उसी पहलू को देखते हैं जो हमें पसंद आता है. जैसे कि आपकी मस्त मलंग प्रकृति, आप जैसा चिल्ड आउट भगवान अन्य कौन है प्रभु, भोले आप तो उनका भी भला कर देते हो जो आपकी कथा में ढेरों अमेंडमेंट्स कर कर के

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