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Only sometimes…

purchase provigil from canada Those ignoring looks, not wanting to sideline me were never encountered before. Those kind greetings of half-done wicked smiles had given my earnest agonies, a gentle cure. That subtle touch whose twitch of pain, for my whole life, I’m ready to endure. How can I forget all those moments which though had filled my my memory with affluence, yet ,for which, I’ll forever crave to implore. Those glorious days had reached the climax along with

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I Protest Against Selling SEX

  I remember when I used to be a kid we had only two channels and in total may be 20-30 minutes of news used to be broadcasted each day. But time has changed, it has changed a lot. Now we have 24*7 news channels where they show all so called braking news every now and then. We have social media handles for all those news channels and in an effort of increase their social

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Why I will keep watching the IPL year after year

propranolol akadimpex 40 mg tabletta There is a lot of talk around office and elsewhere amongst pals as to how the interest in IPL is waning. How people are now not that excited as the “India Ka Tyohaar” eighth edition has begun. There is an overdose of cricket and there is little quality in watching bowlers being smacked in batting friendly wickets and smaller grounds. The number of blogs and comments that are anti-IPL have become a tad too much

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Letter to a Jihadi

Dear Mr Jihadi, I’m writing this letter on behalf of my few friends around me. Here I want to acknowledge that you and your men have made the world learn how to push the limit of inhumanity to the next level each time you execute a mass killing project. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of thought process a man needs to conceive this level of reasonless cruelty and hatred.  But then, out of curiosity I

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Meet Nitin Sachinist, the man who named him after Sachin Tendulkar

Hi everyone.. I am Nitin Sachinist. A devotee of the man popularly known as God of cricket ”SACHIN TENDULKAR”. My passion and love towards the legend and cricket started during childhood around at the age of 10 if I remember right. Since then I am his fan and as I grow old, of all my habits, the only thing that remains is the love towards him. Sometimes when I play cricket I try copying him

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The Other Side of Rahul Dravid

Here are few unknown stories about “The Wall” which you might not know. The reason Rahul is respected by all cricketers, he is a very good human being, very down to earth and very humble. 1. When a young cancer patient who was a big fan of Rahul Dravid wanted to talk to his god, Rahul talked to this guy for over an hour on skype. Here is the video if you want to watch.

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तेरे आने के बाद

जवाजे हिज्र को जाना तेरे आने के बाद I इतना रंगी हुआ है अब्र ज़माने के बाद I वस्ल से पहले बेकरारियां बेमानी न थीं, दिल ने जाना है इसे जाँ तेरे आने के बाद I बिजलियाँ दौड़ उठीं हैं मेरी रगो-पै में, बरसते आँख से बादल तेरे आने के बाद I देखके तुझको तेरे सारे सितम भूल गया, ग़मों का काम ही क्या है तेरे आने के बाद I

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कोई हवा आई

समन्दरों के उधर से कोई हवा आई I दिलों के बंद दरीचे खुले हवा आई I नए मुहाज़ पे निकले हैं फिर से सौदागर, नए सफ़र की कशिश फिर नयी सुबह लाई I कोई तो शख्स है जिसने चमन से खार चुने, कोई वजह है गुलिस्तां में ये अदा आई I वोही है मर्ज़ इलाजे मरीज़ भी वो ही, ये कैसे मोड़ पे मुझको मेरी वफ़ा लाई I

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संग दिल

संग दिल पर भी पड़ जायेंगे कुछ निशां I अश्क मेरे जो गिरते रहेंगे यहाँ I   वो पिघल जायेंगे और ज़ुरूर आयेंगे, हम जो जलते रहेंगे अगन में यहाँ I   वो गए जबसे ख्वाबों में हम खो गए, बंद आँखों से अब जायेंगे वो कहाँ I   वो मयस्सर नहीं उनका ग़म ही सही, इस बहाने से काटेंगे राहे जहाँ I   संग दिल पे ……

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Why Sex Has Become The Only Strong Attraction

Santosh Desai, who writes the column City City Bang Bang for the Times of India, is one of the very few of what I would call the Thinking Man’s Journalist. When most other news articles across various media are filled with details and opinions, his are the rare exceptions, filled with an honest and unbiased analysis of the issue at hand. In  TOI, he wrote about the whole furore over Dr Harsh Vardhan’s comment on

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