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Kapoor & Sons ~ a review

MY score : 3 out of 5 Finally we got to see something real in Bollywood which is proportionately averse to the ‘Look! We are so good’ Hum Saath Saath Hain… (Read: Rajasri productions) Families in the newly released ‘Kapoor and Sons’. The film unfolds in the picturesque locations of coonoor and since the title rolls on the screen, the film name appears in a superlative & suggestive pink, fancy feelgood font, which promises you this is going to be a genuine romcom with enough underlined humor , light hearted plot lines and a very much ‘reading a novel’ feel

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Yatra of AZADI!

When I first heard Kanhaiyas speech post his return from jail, I was awestruck by his speech making styles, his unmatched sarcasm and his clarity of thoughts as a youth (not all will agree). I say this, as this is a first, in my times where a speech is made with utmost grit and without a paper in hand or a teleprompter or dramatics. It isn’t surprising that his fiery entry into the arena from being a student union president to a household name took center stage. While his views were not welcomed by all and faced severe criticism it

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Shut The FUCK up….

Recently a lot of of brands are creating a lot of nonsense advertisement without even understanding the market or the issue around it. I want to say to them all, we are fed up, so please shut the FUCK up. Yatra – Shut the FUCK up Dear Yatra, do you have any idea about the issue Kanhaiya raised and the weight of those issues. You might or might not agree with kanhaiya, you might be a bhakt of any specific political party but don’t be a blind follower, open your eyes. If you do not like Kanhaiya, that is fine,

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Kolkata, We Are Sorry

As you must have seen it in news, a flyover which was under construction for five long years ultimately collapsed and at least 25 died instantly. No idea what lies under these metal structures. We just want to say that we are sorry, we are sorry for Kolkata and we are sorry for the blame game we see afterwards. The Builder who was responsible for this blames the god, says its nothing but an act of God (though there was no record of earthquake) , Mamata Banerjee blames the left front as the flyover had built commission under CPIM ruling

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Virat Kohli, the CEO

Virat Kohli is probably enjoying a kind of form now that even if he tries, and edges one to the keeper, the ball will fly over him. And let’s just not limit it to his batting. He is fielding tremendously and just when you think India miss an idea or two because the captain is the wicketkeeper far flung from the running in pace bowlers, here is Kohli at mid-off, chatting, ideating and encouraging the bowlers. These attributes are perfect for a manager. Attributes like leading from the front with your own form, encouraging your teammates by not just your

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Only sometimes…

Those ignoring looks, not wanting to sideline me were never encountered before. Those kind greetings of half-done wicked smiles had given my earnest agonies, a gentle cure. That subtle touch whose twitch of pain, for my whole life, I’m ready to endure. How can I forget all those moments which though had filled my my memory with affluence, yet ,for which, I’ll forever crave to implore. Those glorious days had reached the climax along with me and I did feel my lure go overtone. But I could still not count on the foray of love by which I was blown.

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I Protest Against Selling SEX

  I remember when I used to be a kid we had only two channels and in total may be 20-30 minutes of news used to be broadcasted each day. But time has changed, it has changed a lot. Now we have 24*7 news channels where they show all so called braking news every now and then. We have social media handles for all those news channels and in an effort of increase their social media traffic they publish all nonsense news. I specially have a problem when they try to sell SEX, that too in a very creepy, nasty

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Why I will keep watching the IPL year after year

There is a lot of talk around office and elsewhere amongst pals as to how the interest in IPL is waning. How people are now not that excited as the “India Ka Tyohaar” eighth edition has begun. There is an overdose of cricket and there is little quality in watching bowlers being smacked in batting friendly wickets and smaller grounds. The number of blogs and comments that are anti-IPL have become a tad too much and I thought there is a need to explain reasons why folks like us (lets count many of the cricket fans as me) love the

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Letter to a Jihadi

Dear Mr Jihadi, I’m writing this letter on behalf of my few friends around me. Here I want to acknowledge that you and your men have made the world learn how to push the limit of inhumanity to the next level each time you execute a mass killing project. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of thought process a man needs to conceive this level of reasonless cruelty and hatred.  But then, out of curiosity I want to ask – who are your real enemies. I couldn’t identify them by a particular colour, a particular race, territory, religion, thought school or

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