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A Tale of Fine Wine

Like every good thing in life there is often a god or goddess somewhere in the background – Bacchus (the Roman name) for Dionysus the Greek god of wine and intoxication. The phallic staff of Bacchus is crowned by a pine cone representing the human faculty of wisdom and inspiration. Scorpio his mount was the Zodiac sign which was ascendant at the time of the harvest equinox, and in his cloak are depicted clusters of

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Mission Sharing Knowledge Launches: Its Story

So, the day of launch is finally here!! We’ve been waiting for this day almost forever! Before we get into the details of Mission Sharing Knowledge (MSK), let’s relate a short story: A person called X had a dream – a dream of writing, creating and expressing. He felt an innate desire to visit a world where he could express himself without any censorship…where he could say anything he wanted without any hindrance…where competition was

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Yes We Know Its Time For #Sachin, Yet We Want Some More

A spider and its climb tirelessly inspired a king to fight again. Victory was still not guaranteed but the fear of failure did not act as a deterrent to the man’s attempts. Great warriors have died in the lamest fashion, but none are remembered for their end, history still talks about their life and their efforts to conquer the world. Tomorrow modern age heroes will adorn pages in different textbooks, they will inspire generations, but for

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Rose Chasm
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Ms. Rose Chasm: The Cross Who Double Crossed Us

Continuing her crusade in India’s defence, Shwetha Kalyanasundaram, brings to you more evidence of why she thinks this entire Ms. Chasm story is a campaign to malign India. A must read.  A chance comment posted under my article on CNN iReport titled “My India: The Mistaken Story – An Indian Woman’s Perspective” (first published on Mission Sharing Knowledge) caught my attention. Quoting the person under the pseudonym ‘moonboat’ – “Michela Cross posted a number of videos

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No Reason Celebrating Independence Day In Kashmir: A Kashmiri Writes For MSK

It was called as the “Paradise on Earth”, but has instead been one of the most violent & bloodshed regions in recent years. Ajaz Ahmed writes on what importance does the Indian Independence Day hold to a Kashmiri youth and how they see their relationship with India. Let’s understand the literal meaning of independence and then decide who deserves to celebrate it. The Declaration of Independence prescribed the proper role of government to secure the rights

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A Visit To The Jallianwala Bagh

Somewhere in June three of us, Asad (childhood friend) , Anshit (my bro) and I went on a trip to Amritsar. There were 3 places that we wanted to visit : Jallian Wala Bagh, Golden Temple and Wagah Border. I will concentrate on the Jallian Wala Bagh for this post… For all us who don’t know what Jallian wala Bagh stands for, click here. Amritsar is a very cute city. pretty much like the other small cities across the country, where shops

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