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A Look Inside Myanmar’s First Real Year Of Democracy – 4

The 4th and the last part of Jack’s exploration of Myanmar’s first real year of democracy.  A young monk in Shwebo, stands outside a temple which was destroyed during the earthquake that shook much of Mandalay Division. Numerous homes were destroyed and a reported 12 people lost their lives. A double amputee begs during Ta-Zaung-Dine, or The Festival of Light. A fisherman has a moment to himself underneath Ubein Bridge. Foreign hikers take a break under a tree on the outskirts of Inle Lake. Tourists have flocked to Myanmar over the past year since the countries democratic reforms. A brick

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Sreesanth: Speed Kills

If S. Sreesanth had been able to keep his life half as straight as the seam position of his deliveries, life would have been different, feels Jaideep Ghosh One can only feel a little sorry for the cricketers who got snared in the match-fixing case. Their real crime was that they got caught, in a world where the media is as virulent as it is extensive. Twenty years ago, they could have cried their way out of the FIRs. Also, it wasn’t any ‘desh droh’, as it was being played out to be – they were making a fast buck

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How People Behave In Meetings: A Self Experience

I have been in a corporate set-up for 4 years now and mostly have been working with some decent shots in the industry. Which means I have seen enough board meetings, here’s how people behave in them J. Thankfully because of an office culture you get to see people of all kinds. The lazy bum and the active zealot both co-exist. In general the lazy bum gets to do the technical work and the active zealot is out on the ground, getting salaries for the lazy bum seating in the office. The one place where they both and others come

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Seat Number 27 – Chapter 1

Red lights. Traffic. Cars honking. Dust. And finally after I finished my third cigarette I reached the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The struggle from Mahim to CST wasn’t half struggling as compared to the struggle I struggled to reach my platform. Phew!!! Just on time for my train – Duronto Express B2/ Seat no. 28, ideally should have been an easy find. But not when a pack of family, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc. come to bid farewell to that one traveller. Thanks to Mumbai locals I knew the USP of elbows and knees. After battling my way through the aisle I

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Kurukshetra – I

Fire had burnt his entire house. Havoc spread all around. The most magnificent house of the city was burning down to ashes. With it burned the expensive interiors, the colourful drapes, the historic paintings, the glamorous chandelier but most importantly, the library. The most prized possession of a writer. Ved wasn’t even in his house when this happened. And by the time he reached, it was too late. His dreams had been cremated. Who could have done that? Everyone loved him, everyone worshipped his work. He was the most prolific writer the world had ever witnessed. Such was his masterpiece

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Domestic, Help!

I’ve mentioned before, I’m relatively new to Kolkata, Calcutta. Before coming here, I’ve never had domestic help. Today, I have a cook, a cleaner and someone to look after the little ones. I’m a little spoilt, if truth be told. I’m living an easy life, free to do as I choose. But having this freedom has opened my eyes to the suffrage and oppression in this age of emancipation and enlightenment. I’ve been hearing things, seeing things that have not bothered noticing before. But as it’s happening, right under my nose, I’m bound by my conscience to talk about it.

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She.. A Woman

The Sex, Once known, it remains To be seen, If she would see light Or murdered she would be Within, Will this world, she see?? By birth, it’s decided, Her future, Her thoughts, conditioned to submit, Her Voice, subdued and restricted Every step she is made to realize that she is different, Through Rebuke, Idealization, Emotion or something else She is made to feel different, think different The Child is moulded into a ‘She’ Growing up is a pain, Shame and Modesty These words are introduced The Honour and Dignity of the family Are put into her innocent lap, Even

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A Tale of Fine Wine

Like every good thing in life there is often a god or goddess somewhere in the background – Bacchus (the Roman name) for Dionysus the Greek god of wine and intoxication. The phallic staff of Bacchus is crowned by a pine cone representing the human faculty of wisdom and inspiration. Scorpio his mount was the Zodiac sign which was ascendant at the time of the harvest equinox, and in his cloak are depicted clusters of grapes. The art of wine making is centuries old. The Neolithic period around 8000-4500 BC is credited with using food processing techniques of fermentation, soaking,

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Mission Sharing Knowledge Launches: Its Story

So, the day of launch is finally here!! We’ve been waiting for this day almost forever! Before we get into the details of Mission Sharing Knowledge (MSK), let’s relate a short story: A person called X had a dream – a dream of writing, creating and expressing. He felt an innate desire to visit a world where he could express himself without any censorship…where he could say anything he wanted without any hindrance…where competition was rare and truth reigned supreme! But did such a world exist in real? Probably no, this was just a figment of his imagination. But he

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Yes We Know Its Time For #Sachin, Yet We Want Some More

A spider and its climb tirelessly inspired a king to fight again. Victory was still not guaranteed but the fear of failure did not act as a deterrent to the man’s attempts. Great warriors have died in the lamest fashion, but none are remembered for their end, history still talks about their life and their efforts to conquer the world. Tomorrow modern age heroes will adorn pages in different textbooks, they will inspire generations, but for many they will just remain a reference point. Nothing more and nothing less. Yet for some bizarre reason we still want to cling on to

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