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Independence – our lost PRIDE?

“You have to fight for freedom and once that freedom is achieved you have to fight to be free within that freedom” ~ Michael Sage My heart swells with pride the moment the national anthem is sang or heard; be it at the podium of the Olympics games, a sporting event, in educational institutions or in a foreign land. That feeling is held captive within, which none can steal. The anthem is a beautiful mix of what makes us Indian, a reminder that beyond all odds there is an INDIA which is one at its core. However the pride I

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The wonderful world of Cartoons

Cartoons have always been a source of wonder & introspection for me. Cartoons have a wider role than being just a source of comic relief. There are instances where they have become forums for people to express their thoughts. I for one have always enjoyed the cartoons of RK Laxman. His satire on Indian polity and society never fails to amaze me, in particular the Common Man. For over a century and a half, this cartoon has captured the aspirations, thoughts and opinions of the people, be it during the Indira Gandhi emergency period of 1975 or the Corruption tainted Congress Govt of

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Sandesh Rishi-Episode 2 : “सत्य क्या है…परमात्मा या परम झूठ!” रवीश कुमार।

सत्य क्या है…परमात्मा या परम झूठ! सत्य की परिभाषा में नया ट्विस्ट लेकर आये हैं रवीश कुमार। संदेश ऋषि एपिसोड नंबर 2।  

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Sandesh Rishi: Episode 1 – A monologue laced with Sarcasm and Humour, Ravish Kumar style

सन्देश ऋषि के पहले एपिसोड में रविश कुमार आपको बताएँगे की कैसे आप भी बढ़ती बेरोजगारी से दूर जेक सन्देश ऋषि बन सकते हैं. और कैसे सन्देश ऋषि बनके दुनिया में बाकि लोगों को चिंता मुक्त कर सकते हैं, किसी भी हाल में.

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Are we about to enter the ‘golden era’ of technology?

When we talk about technology, are we on the edge of a golden era? Will the advancement in technology serve as the tool that has an impact on the society over the next 20 years? Technology will soon have a dramatic impact on the man-machine interface and be a part of ushering in a golden era of technology. When we look at the new era of technology we should not limit it by extending it to a certain criterion but broaden our horizons and look at it in the way to see the world around us in new ways. Since

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3 essentials of Digital Video. Or the long, short (and silent) off it!

Tides always creep up unknowingly. And over the last decade whenever I have had a chance to talk about digital trends – I have realised that they are very much like tidal waves that take marketers by surprise. So I thought it’s best to start with sharing some context on digital video and let you decide if you want to spend the next five minutes to immerse yourself in this new world. * 80% of ALL Internet traffic will be video in around 2 years (source: Cisco) * Watchtime has grown 50% YoY for 3 years consecutively globally and 80%

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The Present State of Higher Education in India

Today I am going to tell you a sensitive issue which no media is covering. Around 5000 people lost their jobs or are in the verge of losing their jobs from Delhi University and nobody seems to bother. This issue will influence the careers of millions of people and therefore we should talk about this and raise our voice.   In India if you want to be in teaching profession of a University, it’s very tough. So the process if these people study for 17 years to get qualified for NET and NET being a tough exam, sometimes it again

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NSG is not strategic but the strategic involves NSG

NSG is not worth the effort but process wise it’s important to make the effort to enter. Good Indo-US relations are worth the effort. If US does not involve itself in Asia, India, Japan and others can’t do anything about China.   China does not forget, it will never forget it’s century of humiliation before 1949 and Chinese are very hard working people and PLA is a party state army, the only army that serves a political party before a nation. Japan, Vietnam, south Korea will never compromise with China and NATO obliges US to support them. If Asian allies

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