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Stop To Email

Mailing allows us to get work done quickly with people across cities, across buildings, across work-stations (J), across geographies. However, without the emotional signs and social cues of face-to-face or phone interaction, it’s more possible to be misunderstood. Also, mindless emailing overstuffs everyone’s inboxes. Let us try Mindful Emailing. With a few mails during the week. Or all of them. COMPOSE an email. STOP to take one long deep breath. Pay attention to the breath. (count of 5 on the inhale and 5 on the exhale, if you like) THINK of the person to whom the email is going and

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Organised chaos is what team OUWT had become quite skilled at by now – and so in the midst of all the start up frenzy we managed to organise and pull off a whole wedding – that too one with all the Indian rituals and extra shabang ! We did our best to keep it simple but that wouldn’t be very fair to our pretty doll bride Chandni , so we all doubled up our hours between work and wedding planning and it turned out to be a much required break for all. Our founder Prateek pretty much stayed out

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The Origins Of International Worker’s Day – May 1

May 1, 1886, Haymarket Square, Chicago, United States of America (USA). A peaceful rally in support of workers striking for an eight-hour working day. An unknown individual threw a bomb at the police as they were busy dispersing the public. The blast followed by gunfire resulted in the death of seven and left many others wounded. Known as the Haymarket Affair, the origins of International Worker’s Day (May Day/Labour Day) lies in this very event. Interestingly, while thousands across the globe relate this day to communist countries like China, Cuba or the former Soviet Russia, does not realise that May

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