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How to Overcome the Shortcomings of a Sedentary Lifestyle A big Holla to all of you This writeup is for everyone who has a sedentary job/lifestyle and wants to stay fit/active even without working out at a gym/elsewhere. I will discuss some basic thumb rules which might be useful for you : 1. Sitting Posture:  Observe proper sitting posture in a good chair that is designed for desk work. Your back should be straight, your shoulders back, and the top of your monitor should

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Grapes

The history behind the consumption of grapes dates back to 6000-8000 years ago in the Far East. The type’s ad ways to consume grapes are endless – from green, red and purple grapes to seedless grapes, grape jelly, grape jam and grape juice. And not to forget raisins and wine! It might come as a surprise, but this small berry has numerous health benefits. Nutrition Content in Grapes One cup of red or green grapes

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Top 9 Reasons to Include Papaya in Your Diet

Christopher Columbus called it the ‘fruit of the angels’; quite exotic today the papaya is available throughout the world and is known for its health quotient. There are ample reasons why should you include papaya in your diet; here’s a look at the top health benefits of papaya. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels Too much cholesterol build up within the body can result in heart attack; papaya is rich in Vitamin C, fibres and antioxidants that

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Swine Flu

As many as 51 more people have died due to swine flu in the country raising the toll to 926 even as the number of those affected by the H1N1 virus breached the 16,000 mark today. With the first case of swine flu reported in Manipur, the risk seem to rise higher. Are these figures giving you jitters? Wondering how to avoid falling prey to this deadly disease? Well, firstly do not PANIC; there is

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50 Shades of Silence

Basic shades: Must know for all Silence is the mirth and playfulness, when long-lost friends meet. Silence is the consummation of the highest lust for life Silence is the comfort and protection under a mother’s glance Silence is the intuitive wisdom and guidance of a father Silence is the unfailing and unwavering support of a bro Silence is the untainted and unutterable joy of a five year old playing in a park. Silence is only truly

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Archeological evidence shows that olives were turned into olive oil by 6000 BC in present day Greece and parts of Israel. A major constituent in Mediterranean cuisine, today olive oil is extensively used across the globe. It might come as a surprise but this beautiful golden liquid is known to possess several health benefits. Whether you are using it as a food or applying it on skin and hair – you are bound to benefit in

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Honeylicious! Health Benefits of Honey

Used and consumed across the globe for nearly 3000 years, the health benefits of honey go beyond its great taste. But what makes honey so popular? Most probably it is because of the ease with which it is consumed – whether it is direct consumption or mixing honey with bread or adding it to lukewarm water, it is deliciously savoured. So here’s a look at the top health benefits of honey: Instant Source of Energy

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Stem Cell Treatment Gives New Hope To Autistic Toddler

After being diagnosed with autism, two-year-old Archit Dev would have probably spent the rest of his life as an incapacitated individual had it not been for his resolute father and the science behind stem cells. A resident of Ghaziabad, Archit was unable to make eye contact, speak to anyone or even sit at one location. But after undergoing treatment for a year, Archit now has better concentration, understands names and instructions and is even devising

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Health Conscious? Go the Milk(y) Way!!!

Consumption of milk has long been associated with good health and it is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. The health benefits of milk can be achieved directly drinking the liquid or consuming any form of dairy products such as cheese, butter cottage cheese or curd. An ideal source of Vitamin D, A, and Calcium, milk makes for a staple diet cutting across all national boundaries; Health Benefits of Milk Some of

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Best fruits for the Winters

So the winters are here; what does it remind you of? Sparkly snowflakes, cozy blankets, rich hot chocolate… Winter has a lot going for it, but fresh produce is usually not on that list; however it’s very important that you take in fresh fruits during the winter season. So what are the most easily available fruits that you can eat during this season? Here’s a look: Guava Guava – a very common fruit in the

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