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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Archeological evidence shows that olives were turned into olive oil by 6000 BC in present day Greece and parts of Israel. A major constituent in Mediterranean cuisine, today olive oil is extensively used across the globe. It might come as a surprise but this beautiful golden liquid is known to possess several health benefits. Whether you are using it as a food or applying it on skin and hair – you are bound to benefit in

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Honeylicious! Health Benefits of Honey

Used and consumed across the globe for nearly 3000 years, the health benefits of honey go beyond its great taste. But what makes honey so popular? Most probably it is because of the ease with which it is consumed – whether it is direct consumption or mixing honey with bread or adding it to lukewarm water, it is deliciously savoured. So here’s a look at the top health benefits of honey: Instant Source of Energy

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Stem Cell Treatment Gives New Hope To Autistic Toddler

After being diagnosed with autism, two-year-old Archit Dev would have probably spent the rest of his life as an incapacitated individual had it not been for his resolute father and the science behind stem cells. A resident of Ghaziabad, Archit was unable to make eye contact, speak to anyone or even sit at one location. But after undergoing treatment for a year, Archit now has better concentration, understands names and instructions and is even devising

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Health Conscious? Go the Milk(y) Way!!!

Consumption of milk has long been associated with good health and it is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. The health benefits of milk can be achieved directly drinking the liquid or consuming any form of dairy products such as cheese, butter cottage cheese or curd. An ideal source of Vitamin D, A, and Calcium, milk makes for a staple diet cutting across all national boundaries; Health Benefits of Milk Some of

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Best fruits for the Winters

So the winters are here; what does it remind you of? Sparkly snowflakes, cozy blankets, rich hot chocolate… Winter has a lot going for it, but fresh produce is usually not on that list; however it’s very important that you take in fresh fruits during the winter season. So what are the most easily available fruits that you can eat during this season? Here’s a look: Guava Guava – a very common fruit in the

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What is Psychology and what do Psychologists do?

What exactly is Psychology? What is it that psychologists do? Can you read my mind? Can you tell if a person is lying?………….. These are only a few of the questions which most people ask me when I say I am a psychologist. More often than not, most people already have answers to these questions, thanks to their preconceived notions about and misconception of this complex field. And without waiting for my answer to their

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My Legless Athlete

There’s always a ruckus around children-rage over plastic bats or love over shared dolls, they are always at the peak of expression, whether they are at a playground or admitted in a pediatric ward! Only sad part is, in the pediatric ward you also see another set of emaciated kids, too tired to even cry in pain. On a regular duty night, as I sat whining about late duties, crazy work shifts, fat books that

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Joseph’s plea for Euthanasia

“My name is Joseph…   4 years ago, an accident saw me go into a vegetative state, with no hope of recovery. The doctors said they are trying their best, but some things do not simply become alright.   With every rising sun, the knots in my stomach start to ache like someone was pulling them out. The lumps on my throat keep growing, leaving me breathless with every passing moment. I see my wife

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Passion? Yes! It is required

Life should never be a boredom, otherwise it becomes lifeless. The reason why it becomes boredom because we are not passionate about what we do. Sometimes we keep lying to ourselves regarding our interests and keep following things which is done by the whole crowd. Being passionate does not only mean that one should be passionate about his career choice. It means that our life should be filled with what we call liveliness. We generally

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Impart Sex Education: Its a Must

Our new Health Minister of the new government Dr. Harsh Vardhan has been in the news for the last few days, for a couple of insensitive comments & views. One of them is that he did not favour or even did not want sex education in schools or in any form anywhere in India.  Such a statement from the Minister who happens to be an “ENT” doctor/practitioner is not in right perspective. It’s now time

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