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Are we really in a position to challenge the creator (GOD)?

anyone buy accutane online Often I hear mind blowing arguments where people actually talk about God as if he was some peon waiting 24/7 to be at our back and call – and if he fails to appear immediately upon being called – we keep the power and authority to sack the peon!! Sometimes I wonder whether to pity such people or just plain ignore the poor ignorant! Anyways, I have given an address in the attached collage. Do

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An old lady and two Policewomen- And this happened!

Bangalore Yesterday morning, I was taking my usual stroll to office. I live near that long stretch that is a gateway towards connecting and separating people a.k.a AIRPORT ROAD. Positive being I pay a lesser exorbitant amount to reach the airport as compared to the rest of the city. The negative being occasional traffic blocks to ensure the VIPs of our country have a clear path to reach their destination at our expense. (Dilli ,

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Gallons of Milk for the Gods, why not for children?

Shivratri an Indian festival in which millions of devotees pour millions of gallons of milk on Shivlings across the country. I have always found the ritual of pouring milk over stone deities deplorable particularly in a land where millions go to bed hungry every night (The linked site tells that 1/3rd of the world’s hungry are in India) and thousands of children die of malnutrition every day. This is a sad reality and nothing to be

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प्यार से जी लो जरा

एक वक्त था कि वो कहते थे यारों सितारे तोड़कर लायेंगे हम जहाँ के लिए जहाँ भी वहीं है सितारे भी वहीं हैं पर वो ही बदल गये हैं अब वो वो न रहे   वो चले थे कुछ लेकर इरादा अपने दिल में क़ि दुनियाँ में हम कमल को खिलाएँगे कमल तो खिला लेते दुनियाँ में वो पर क्या पता था की दुनियाँ में इतनी कीचड़ कहाँ   इरादा तो उनका मुल्क को साफ

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तुम कब ईश्वर कहलाओगे

हाँ! तुम ईश्वर कहलाओगे जब क्षुधा शुन्य कर उदर सभी, हर लोगे मानस की तृष्णा, तुम द्वेष गरल  पीकर मन कर दो निर्विकार जब जन-जन का, जब एक करो मन-प्राण विचारों में  स्थापित कर समता, हो भिन्न श्वास-निश्वास किन्तु विश्वास एक हो सब जग का, तब,  तुम ईश्वर कहलाओगे.

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Hinduism and Secularism

The word ‘secularism’ is a western concept. The word and its meaning were crafted to tackle a crisis in the west where churches would have dogmatic control over state laws. During the dissemination of Christianity in the west, the belief that God bestowed ‘truth’ to the church was being propagated. People were made to believe that Christianity is the only vehicle that will enable a person to achieve God, defying which will propel them towards

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Remembering Swami Vivekananda

Narendra Nath Datta, known to the world as Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was born into an affluent Bengali family of Calcutta. The chief disciple of the nineteenth century saint Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, he is considered as a key figure in introducing the philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world. Early Life Naren’s father Vishwanath Datta was an attorney at the Calcutta High Court and his mother Bhuvaneshwari Devi, a devout housewife. His father’s progressive

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मानवता का स्वागत करो

प्रिय मानव ! अल्लाह और ईश्वर, गॉड और जिंदगी के रहस्यों को तुम धर्म और अंधविश्वास भाग्य और भगवान की बंद चार दीवारी के बीच नहीं समझ सकते धर्म की तेज हवा अंध-विश्वास की आँधियाँ भाग्य और भगवान का डर स्वर्ग और नर्क की कंपाने वाली ठंडक की भयानक झाँकियां तुम्हारे मस्तिष्क के सभी रन्ध्रो को कभी खुलने न देंगी ये चर्च की चमक मंदिरों की घनघनाहट मस्जिदों का सूनापन तुमने तब देख अपने भोलेपन

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#BetterDemocracy: Please #SupportPK and ban #BoycottPK

So I went to watch PK with sky-high expectations. By the time I had made my mind, almost everyone in the country was talking about it. Leave Twitter, both #SupportPK and #BoycottPK was trending even on the real social network #Facebook. Some of the reasons for #boycottPK were as absurd as this. “Unless the filmmaker decides to also degrade #Islam, we will not let it run #BoycottPK”. Clearly, the guy writing this had decided to

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BYOG: Believe in your own God

Being an IT sales professional and an avid follower of the latest trends driving IT, BYOD (Bring your own device) has clouded my mind so much that the best title I could come out for my 1st blog is BYOG. All this started when I recently got a copy of Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography (playing it my way), and in my excitement to show off my latest possession, I changed my DP on whats app with

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