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Going for a Green Puja helps humanity in the long run

Every year as Durga Puja celebrations take place across the country, a festive mood permeates the atmosphere. There is fun and frolic everywhere with Didis and Dadas, Didimas & Dadus, Maashis & Meshos heading out in their best to seek the blessings of Durga who is splendidly created in a variety of avatars. Though the emotional, cultural, social and ritual outpouring is simply amazing, it gets a bad blotch when the idols of Durga and

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The trip to Dharamsala- Ancient but still Awesomely Alive

The trip to Dharamsala was certainly one I would never forget. It was a mixed bag of emotions. I was excited yet fearful of a trip to a place I had never been before. The hours it took to convince friends to come along, the essential items that were supposed to be packed, the music that was supposed to be heard each and everything was a task in itself. 30.9.2016 The day to the trip

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देवी-देउता के ऐसे खिल्ली नहीं उड़ाते हैं मेरा बच्चा

मां: हैप्पी दशहरा विनीत. माता रानी,शेरोवाली बुतरू के खूब अकिल-बुद्दि दे. विनीत: हैप्पी दशहरा मां.. मां: की हाल है हमर बच्चा, मना लिया दुर्गापूजा ? विनीत: मनाना क्या, खाए दबाकर दोपहर में ठेठाके सोए, अभी जाकर जलेबी खरीदेंगे. तुम्हारे और घर के बाकी बच्चा लोगों के भीतर भी थोड़ा-थोड़ा रावण जिंदा रहे मां, बाकी तो पब्लिक जलाकर राख कर ही रही है. मां: सालभर के परब में कुछ औ नहीं तो रावण के जिंदा रहे के कामना

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एक बार तो आ जाओ

तेरे दरस के प्यासे नैना, एक झलक दिखला जाओ. मन से तुम्हें पुकारें साईं, एक बार तो आ जाओ. तुम्हें भक्त प्यारे हैं अपने, रखते सबका सदा ख़याल. फिर मुझ पर क्यों कृपा नहीं की ? बस मेरा है यही सवाल. कमी रह गयी कहाँ भक्ति में, इतना तो बतला जाओ. मन से तुम्हें पुकारें साईं, एक बार तो आ जाओ. दीप जलाए जल से तुमने, सबने देखा तेरा कमाल. महामारी को दूर भगाया, आई

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Exotic Renewal Rituals for the Lords of Puri Dham: The Nabakalebara

Exotic Renewal Rituals for the Lords of Puri Dham: The Nabakalebara. Nabakalebar is an ancient ritual associated with Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha, when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are replaced by a new set of Idols. A year which has two months (Adhika masa) of Ashadha as per the Hindu Calendar is auspicious for conducting the ceremony. This usually occurs every twelve to nineteen years. The Idols are made from a

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Ignorance is bad but pseudo truth is even worse

Read on for a probable reason……… Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view… Who do you see? The greatest villain of the era – the one responsible for destroying not just the Kuru vansh but also all the other kingdoms who supported them blindly – fought for them, all soldiers….several families – those who belonged to the supporters of Kuru vansh! When they were given an opportunity to select the other side –

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Have you ever really loved God?

If you really LOVE GOD Be like HIS dearest devotee – Shree Hanuman Gods are playful, they give you powers & watch you How exactly are you utilizing those powers Whether to fulfill your frivolous worldly desires Or to tell the world about the glories of the Creator…. Preserve the pure, the good and all that exudes pure love, Being Love. Shree Hanuman was always and only available for Shri Rama’s service All his siddhis

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Are we really in a position to challenge the creator (GOD)?

Often I hear mind blowing arguments where people actually talk about God as if he was some peon waiting 24/7 to be at our back and call – and if he fails to appear immediately upon being called – we keep the power and authority to sack the peon!! Sometimes I wonder whether to pity such people or just plain ignore the poor ignorant! Anyways, I have given an address in the attached collage. Do

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An old lady and two Policewomen- And this happened!

Bangalore Yesterday morning, I was taking my usual stroll to office. I live near that long stretch that is a gateway towards connecting and separating people a.k.a AIRPORT ROAD. Positive being I pay a lesser exorbitant amount to reach the airport as compared to the rest of the city. The negative being occasional traffic blocks to ensure the VIPs of our country have a clear path to reach their destination at our expense. (Dilli ,

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Gallons of Milk for the Gods, why not for children?

Shivratri an Indian festival in which millions of devotees pour millions of gallons of milk on Shivlings across the country. I have always found the ritual of pouring milk over stone deities deplorable particularly in a land where millions go to bed hungry every night (The linked site tells that 1/3rd of the world’s hungry are in India) and thousands of children die of malnutrition every day. This is a sad reality and nothing to be

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