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Tangra Machher Jhol: Freshwater Fish Curry

Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription Bengali fish curries like the Rui Maachher Jhaal or the Tangra Maachher Jhol are light and flavourful. These have been the epitome of Bengali fish curry since ages. The Tangra Maachher Jhol translates to the ultimate home-cooked delicacy. Till date I cherish this delicacy and can actually gulp down a plateful of boiled rice with this simple Tangra Maachher Jhol. Bengali cooking revolves around mainly freshwater fishes which are usually devoid of the pungent smell

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A beginner’s guide to having a good time in Goa

You have 3 days and 3 nights to burn off. What do you do? Go to Goa. You and your friends want to have a good time, a break from the excruciating pace of corporate life? Go to Goa. Reunion? Go to Goa. Romantic get-away? Go to Goa. Goa in India is synonymous with holidays, fun, beaches, gorgeous girls, cheap booze and rejuvenation. But most of us are clueless about how to make the best out of 3 (or

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Stumbling Upon A Goan Rave Party – Part 2

Followed from Part 1 Here We sighed and drove a little more, keeping a directional track of how far our trip back to civilization would be. We saw a French couple, driving a Honda Activa bike, also searching for the same temple. Now, I was very sure that a party was certainly on, but the challenge was to obviously find it in this almost un-inhabited part of Goa. It was unusually chill, as we were driving in the

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When We Were At A Goan Rave Party

Dec 21: 2012: 4:30 am- This was the day the world was supposed to end. Our day was just starting. We got off a bus in the morning, and we checked Google maps to just understand, where in Udupi we were. We were to catch a train at 6:20 in the morning, to get to a place, that Lonely Planet appropriately describes as the place India goes to escape India. When the morning sun, started to

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Exploring Goa – XXVIII – Cancona Island

When the sunset show has finished over the Arabian sea, its a good time to watch over to your right and see how Cancona island looks in the backdrop of the sunset. Cancona Island, starts making you feel a bit like Robinson Crusoe. When the sun is down, make your way to the zillion shacks on the beach and perch yourself at a view where the moonlight basks over the Arabian sea. It helps create

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Exploring Goa – XXVIII – It’s Palolem Again

Between all that, you will find a few couples having a moment to themselves 🙂 As Sunset was nearing, the women packed up their sun bathing gear to get ready to bathe/have a massage and be fresh for the mayhem in the night. Too bad, they missed the best sunset! Never too far from locals who want a ‘bragging rights’ picture to show their friends, that bikini clad foreigner be-friended them! The Sunset Show is

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Exploring Goa – XXVII – Continuation of the Palolem Story

In Canacona Island, while the island is largely remote, you do have a bar operating for those who seek some seclusion. It’s a good place to relax and spend some time, while the sun shines. I decided to walk to the butterfly island across the river that flows adjacent to the little bar. One needs to drop all items and just go with your swimwear there, as the rocks are very slippery. Ideal time to cross

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Palolem Beach
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Exploring Goa – XXIV – The Palolem Beach Journey Continues

As you set out to walk further, The morning rays are just making its inroads into the sands, and the filtered light through the trees is just slowly neutralizing the morning haze and chill. And if you thought you could head straight into the sea for a morning dunk, you’d have to brave a little chill in the Arabian Sea! And you’d also realize that while the Sun is out, the Bikinis are yet to

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Exploring Goa – XXIII – It’s About the Palolem Beach-lings Now!

It’s tough to  not notice the colorful cottages along the beach stretch. While you catch a beer with the folks who run the shacks,  they will tell you that it costs them about 100,000 INR to set up 4 shacks. Since Goa has a rule of no permanent structures on the beach, these shacks are built every year in October, and are pulled out and stored in a nearby warehouse in April-before the monsoons. So

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Exploring Goa – XXII – The Palolem Beach

When in Palolem, get your hand on a canoe, and check on Kayaking into the sunset. You would be the center of attraction for all the people on the beach trying to zoom into the golden waters. Do  ear marked a couple of islands to visit the next morning early! That little island in the silhouette, by the way is the Canacona or Butterfly island, accessible by foot only during low tides or accessible by a

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