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Xiaomi Mi3 Review: All You Need To Know Before Buying Xiaomi Mi3 –  one phone that is clearly rocking India. Thanks to its solid partnership with the Indian e-retailer Flipkart, the Chinese company has now stepped into the subcontinent, which houses the third largest smartphone market in the world. And there is genuinely a lot of hype regarding the device – people saying all kinds of stuff about it. Some satisfied buyers are calling it the latest and greatest smartphone in the market, thanks to

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Sustainable Leadership From Experiential Learning

Very often when people hear the word sustainability they think more of philanthropy which is a good to do thing but not a must do. Sustainability is a very broad area and extends to many areas with its triple bottom line of social, economic and the environment. For me the environmental and social part is very important. There are so many challenges that planet earth as well as we individually face on a daily basis.

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Globalization: Green Or Not

There has been an extended debate over globalization being good for building strong economies or not.  Our future however is not all about building prosperous economies, but reducing the rate at which we are unsympathetically impacting the planet. Globalization plays a key role in both, greening our planet and the unfortunate opposite. On one hand, globalization is enabling manufacturing companies to transfer greener technologies and products throughout the globe but on the other, it is

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Good vs Mediocre B-schools: An Ocean Of Difference

  MBA as a career option after an undergraduate degree has been the talking point for the last eight years or so in India. For years, studies abroad was and still continues to be a much sought after career move. But in recent years, a management degree in India has been getting attention and preferred as a passport to high-paying jobs in the country. This is reflected in the increase in the number of students

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Are Women More Brand Loyal Than Men?

  By Parul Gupta It is always said that, “women are more loyal than men”. This is not universally accepted in the personal lives but trusted by the companies. As stated by Nadia Chauhan, CMO, Parle Agro, “Women customers are more loyal than men customers. For woman, a brand is a commitment and she hates to break the commitment while man flirts with the brand”. The reason that explains the difference in the behavior of

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Salary Negotiations – Recruiters Pride – Part 1

  One of the key stages of the hiring process is the starting salary negotiation. It is a hurdle that needs to be overcome if you are to close the deal on your dream candidate. While there is no magic formula for handling a salary negotiation—as it can be impacted by many external factors beyond your control—there are several tactics to follow that can help you to engage in a mutually beneficial and ultimately successful

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Globalisation and the Role of the Urban -2

In the second part of Globalisation and the Role of the Urban, Malathy Madathilezham will dwell on Saskia Sassen’s concept of the change in the role of the nation state and the growing importance of cities in the era of globalisation. Saskia Sassen is a Dutch-American sociologist noted for her analyses of globalization and international human migration. She currently is Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University and Centennial visiting Professor at the

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Globalization And The Role Of The Urban- 1

  Neil Brenner’s writing and teaching focus on the theoretical, conceptual and methodological dimensions of urban questions. His work builds upon, and seeks to extend, the fields of critical urban and regional studies, comparative geopolitical economy and radical sociospatial theory. Major research foci include processes of urban and regional restructuring and uneven spatial development; the generalization of capitalist urbanization; and processes of state spatial restructuring, with particular reference to the remaking of urban, metropolitan and

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