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Going for a Green Puja helps humanity in the long run

go site Every year as Durga Puja celebrations take place across the country, a festive mood permeates the atmosphere. There is fun and frolic everywhere with Didis and Dadas, Didimas & Dadus, Maashis & Meshos heading out in their best to seek the blessings of Durga who is splendidly created in a variety of avatars. Though the emotional, cultural, social and ritual outpouring is simply amazing, it gets a bad blotch when the idols of Durga and

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हम धागे नहीं, मोबाईल नेटवर्क के बंधन से बंधे है!

सच पूछिए तो उसकी मिजाज की फोटोकॉपी लेकर ही हम शहर-दर-शहर भटकते रहते हैं. सरस सलिल, इंडिया टुडे, मनोहर कहानियां के जिन पन्नों को दुनिया स्टेपल कर देती, हम उन्हें उखाड़कर साथ पढ़ते. मेरी उम्र अठारह साल है, मेरे ब्ऑयफ्रेंड ने मुझे किस कर दिया है, क्या मैं प्रेंग्नेंट हो जाउंगी जैसी स्वास्थ्य एवं सेक्स समस्याओं पर साथ ठहाके लगानेवाले बेलज्जे भाई-बहन. जिसे खुद कन्या पाठशाला की मास्टरनियों ने बायलॉजी के वो चैप्टर पढ़ाने के

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Choosing The Spirit To Celebrate The Spirit Of The Season

3h prazosin 5 mg December can often be defined by two words – festive spirit. It’s the end of the year and that is always a good excuse to host a do or two in order to celebrate one’s past successes or forget recent failures. Thus, one must be ready to showcase skills considered the mark of any good host, one of them being – choosing the right ‘spirit’ to go with the spirit of the occasion. Wine Being

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Last Minute Gifting Is Not A Problem Now

Are you invited to any party and you have no idea what to give your host as a gift, you can always offer them our “XOXO Voucher”. This way you don’t have to offer cash plus they also have a choice to shop according to their needs or choice. (Using Giftxoxo gift voucher one can buy stuff without keeping cash in your pocket. You can give it as a gift or present. Innovative choice: XOXO Vouchers One

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Enjoy the Freedom of Gifting Choice

DIL DIYA HAI JAAN BHI DENGE AE VATAN TERE LIYE India is a vast land of cultural diversity and natural beauty. Every Indian is an extremely sentimental patriot and is often seen crying to songs like “Ae mere pyare vatan” and “Bharat Humko jaan se pyara hai”. So, this independence day let us not just fly kites, listen to speeches and enjoy the national holiday. Let’s devote one day to our nation’s progress so that, we can

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Great Gifts for Girlfriend
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I Am Falling For You Tanya!!!

Discover the most creative gifts for your girlfriend You feel on top of the world when you see your girlfriend happy, specially holding the gift you gave. Often, finding a gift is a very confusing task for guys! Your girlfriend already has such a big shopping list each time she shops, that it becomes very difficult to discover what she has and she doesn’t have, what she likes and what she dislikes!! These thoughts are very common! This is where discovering creative gifts become the need

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Top Ten Gifting Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Hey Girls! There is a saying that the gift giver reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift. So, why just be on the receiving end?  Let’s make gifting special and make your boyfriend have a whale of time. Here are few ideas you can grab: 1. The most exciting gift you can ever give is an experience. Gifting experiences is a latest trend. To gift a personal experience with you, candle light dinner and  exclusive wine-time   would be  great options.

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Gifts Choices For This #FriendshipDay

While a friend is someone who holds your hands before you slip, a best friend is one who lets you slip and then gives you the told-you-so look! Jokes apart, Friendship Day, a day to celebrate your friends and show them how much you treasure them. It’s also a day when you must tell your buddies how special they are by treating them to spa treatments, good food or simply buying them gifts. Take a

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5 All-Time Favourite Bollywood Friendships

No matter whether they are off-screen or what type of their relationships they share in real life, but these on-screen friendship stories have been a hot favorite amongst the viewers. Kushal Sakunia brings to you your favourite friendship jodis. 1. Sholay – Amitabh & Dharmendra (1975) The first film that comes to mind when we think friendship is of course Sholay. The title role of Jay and Viru excellently played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra respectively

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Gifting Made Easy: Via Your Zodiac: Part II

In the last post we analyzed the first six zodiac signs and what should be gifted according to sun signs. In this one, we continue with gift suggestions for the next set of six sun signs. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug22): The rulers of the zodiac, Leos are regal, passionate, dynamic and dramatic. Somewhere deep within Leos there is the need to be pampered and treated like a star. They love gifts that spell lavishness and

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