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क्या यौन चर्चा देश हित से अलग है?

http://huertosocialclub.com/eventos हाल ही मे सरकार ने निर्देश जारी करते हुए कहा कि सुबह 6 बजे से रात 10 बजे के बीच टीवी पर कंडोम विज्ञापन प्रसारित नहीं किये जा सकते। सरकार ने यह घोषणा अभिनेत्री सनी लियोनी की ‘अश्लील विज्ञापन’ के सन्दर्भ मे की थी। सरकार का यह तर्क था की इस तरह के विज्ञापन से बच्चों पर बुरा असर पड़ेगा और उनमे गलत खयालात उत्पन्न होंगे। जब अश्लीलता के अलग-अलग मापदंड हैं, यह सोचने की

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Blood donation is a form of salvation

I am an avid blood donor. In my college too I had donated blood and got yummy refreshments in return. But the best part was that my contribution was literally saving someone’s life. To ensure I get updates regarding blood donation, I signed up to receive notifications from BloodConnect, a wonderful organization working towards addressing blood shortage in India. Today I again got an opportunity to donate to a blood cancer patient. A BloodConnect official

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6 Natural Ways to Cure Depression

amaryl 3 mg preis It might come as a surprise but Indians are a depressed lot. True. Indians are among the world’s most depressed. According to a World Health Organization (WHO)-sponsored study, while around 9% of people in India reported having an extended period of depression within their lifetime, nearly 36% suffered from what is called Major Depressive Episode (MDE). Depression is usually characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep

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Review: Pulse Oximeter: iSpO2 by Masimo

iSpO2 by Masimo is a pulse oximeter device that helps to measure your blood’s oxygen level. Certain jobs that requires to monitor this would be Pilot, Sportsman etc. Masimo is a Irvine, California-based manufacturer of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies and is famously known for pulse oximetry technology. With the Technology changing faster than light, fitness wearable gadgets are easily available and helps in tracking individual calorie burning rate by measuring the workout time, pulse rate

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A Confession of Love

As I sit back and think about you today, memory lane takes me to that day, almost 5 years ago, when I met you for the first time in that class in Hyderabad. It was a bright morning and I had walked in eager to meet the one I had heard so much about. A lot of people had been talking about you, your charisma, and your ability to heal and to enlighten. Frankly, it

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I was put in Solitary Confinement – A True Story

No, this is not fiction! A secret, the World must know, Now! A Confession!! IT was 7.15 pm on Saturday April 25, 2015 – I had been sitting in the rickety white wooden bench for half hour now, dreading the outcome. My friend Sudhir was with me, he assured me nothing will be wrong, but he too knew all was not right. As the moment arrived, I walked into the chamber nervously and then the

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Celebrating International Dance Day – April 29

Celebrated on 29th April every year, the origins of International Dance Day dates back to 1982 and was introduced by the International Dance Council CID (Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO. The date is not linked to any particular event or person. The main purpose behind Dance Day is to attract attention of the wider public to the art form of dance. Every year, the president of the CID sends the official message

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Why its important to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi

With holi just around the corner, thousands are going the eco-friendly way in a pledge to protect the environment. While water balloons and pichkaris, gulal and water guns are probably the perfect way to celebrate holi, but there’s also some food for thought for the day – how about celebrating ‘DRY HOLI’ or an ECO-FRIENDLY HOLI’! Well, I say this because in these times when there is scarcity of water, and threats to the environment we

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Archeological evidence shows that olives were turned into olive oil by 6000 BC in present day Greece and parts of Israel. A major constituent in Mediterranean cuisine, today olive oil is extensively used across the globe. It might come as a surprise but this beautiful golden liquid is known to possess several health benefits. Whether you are using it as a food or applying it on skin and hair – you are bound to benefit in

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Health Conscious? Go the Milk(y) Way!!!

Consumption of milk has long been associated with good health and it is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. The health benefits of milk can be achieved directly drinking the liquid or consuming any form of dairy products such as cheese, butter cottage cheese or curd. An ideal source of Vitamin D, A, and Calcium, milk makes for a staple diet cutting across all national boundaries; Health Benefits of Milk Some of

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