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Love Sex Aur Dhokha

source url The first time I faced rejection in love, the local wine shop nearby became very rich. The neighbours got fed up with music emitting from my apartment, not that they really cared what I was up to, the fact that only one song played on loop irritated them to no end. Before I could fathom what was happening to me, the building secretary gave me a notice to vacate the place and here I was stranded in this big bad city not

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The Lady: A Pale Recreation Of The Original – Review

  The Lady is the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband Dr. Michael Aris. It is also the story of her peaceful fight against the oppressive military regime of Burma. Despite such long distance and failure to meet each other often, the film portrays the love of the two protagonists living across continents for most parts after Kyi’s fight begins. Plot: The film opens up with Michael’s (David Thewlis) discovery that he has

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Hangover 3 – The Madness Gets Reviewed

Get Drugged, Wake up in a strange place with an animal, one of your comrades missing, and re creating your night story through a treasure hunt with clues, in the underbelly of a hedonistic city- That’s the Hangover template, that after passing through Vegas and Bangkok, decided to chart a different path ( or so we heard in the reviews). To get prepared, we downed 3 Kamikazes in an hour before we rushed to the

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The Only Problem With Gangs Of Wasseypur

  Wasseypur, a place unheard of suddenly becomes the most talked about town in the country. A town filled with gangsters and corrupt politicians. Ask the fans and they will vouch for what I just said. But ask the residents and they will deny instantly. It’s the danger with a single story. We believe that’s the only story worth knowing. American teens do drugs, Chinese teens know martial arts and kids of Uganda become vigilantes.

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An Era Passes Away With Rituparno Ghosh!

  We laughed at him because of this dressing sense…made fun of his mannerism because it seemed strange to us…loved his films because they were par excellence…and today, we cry at his passing away at such a young age! Of course, we would have mourned his passing away at any age; simply because, icons such as he are rarest of the rare. For most of us, Rituparno Ghosh was a butt of ridicule when alive!

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