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लिखते हुए कुछ ख़्वाब से – 1

cytotec online sale without prescription   ” जब मोरे राजा पिया गये हैं बगीचा भौंरा भनर-भनर होये मेरी गुइंयाँ ” लक-दक करके दामन से झाड़ो तो अनगिनत यादें झड जाती हैं। पर ये भी तो सच ही है कि इतनी आसानी से कभी कोई याद भी नहीं आता। दिली तौर पर याद करना और ज़हनी तौर पर याद करना दोनों अलग-अलग हैं, फिर भी कुछ यादें ज़हन और दिल के बीच कहीं अटकी रहती हैं। उसकी याद भी कुछ ऐसी

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Retribution – A Short Story

It was a bright morning in New York. Ritesh woke up to the sound of chirping birds beside his window. He rubbed his eyes for his vision to clear. He looked at the Christiano Ronaldo poster that adorned one of the walls of the living room. The poster showed Ronaldo ready to take a free kick. Ritesh was reminded of the premier league match that he planned to watch that night that featured Christiano Ronaldo.

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Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara – Review

viagra costa rica sin receta   One of the reasons why the sales of ‘Pass pass’ slumped at its launch was the movie Yaadein. Never in the history of entertainment a movie as lame as that was made, but the makers of painkillers had a smile everytime the movie was screened at any theatre in India. Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara is no different. Premise: An extremely unique story of two friends falling for the same girl. Plot:

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Chennai Express – Is A Full Paisa Wasool Journey

By Shwetha Kalyanasundaram All set to board the Chennai express?!? Vaango…ukkarango (read: please come…please sit)!!! Is the journey worth the ride?!? Read on. Full credits to SRK and the moviemakers to have the name of the female lead displayed over the male counterpart! This drew loud raptures from the crowd and what a way to start the two and half hour odd train journey. Back again as Rahul (naam toh suna hoga), a planned trip

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Chennai Express: Finally An SRK Film With A Story

By Ankush Kumar The last interview I read on Shahrukh Khan, he said two things. One ‘ Deepika Padukone is the soul of Chennai express’. Two ‘ he wants to be remembered as an actor who constantly tried’. Chennai express is an example true to his latter statement. The man has definitely tried. SRK has always been your boy next-door actor, whenever he has tried hardcore action, the Baadshah has looked stupid. But here in

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The Tale Of Entrapment

Under the affect of alcohol he could barely walk, walking looked so dangerous for him. His hands battled with glass wall to hold them. Tremendous pull of gravity made his grounded feet imbalanced and prone to collisions. His blurry vision and loose tongue crowned him as a super dangerous orator. Isn’t it “ITS KEWL”? [Caution – My woven thoughts might sound CONSERVATIVE but understand the underlying message. READ THIS WITH OPEN HEAD]   Youth population

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D-Day Movie Review: Story, Performances Awesome

The movie goes beyond the plain logistics of the ugly world of espionage to try and put a human face to the people who lose everything and gain nothing in their line of work, says Jaideep Ghosh The movie’s momentum is built up right from the first sequence, as a catchy version of ‘Damadam Mast Kalandar’ sets the pace which is sustained remarkably throughout the plot by director Nikhil Advani. The tempo has its ups

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घुलता हुआ एहसास

  सोचता तो था की शायद उसको याद करता हूँ पर अहसास अब कुछ कम होता है कुछ समय पहले चाहता तो उसे बहुत था पर महसूस अब थोडा कम करता हूँ कहीं से कुछ कम हुआ है या खुद ही ख़त्म हो रहा हूँ पर कुछ बातों को याद करके मायूस अब थोडा कम होता हूँ सूरज को देखने की आदत तो नहीं पड़ी है, पर चाँद को अब कभी कभी ही देखता हूँ

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How Times Have Changed: The Mouse Lords Over The Cat!

Ankush Kumar presents you the current political and administrative scenario in the form of this wonderful story. Must read.  Once upon a time in La La land lived hundreds of mices. They shared great camaraderie amongst each other. All of them played under one roof, enjoyed morsels of food together, hunted in a herd and kept outside threat at bay. Then one fine day a new breed was born. It was the result of one

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The Night Before The Exams

  “ Wake up Robin.. !” Kushal, my roomate, called me, as I was sleeping, in an ever so wornout, cold and chilling evening on my uncovered shaky bed after those over- exhausting classes in the college. “HEY its roll call” he shouted and banged a dirty, dusty pillow on my head, and hell, that smelly stuff woke me up. I saw Ankit sleeping too, curled disoriented and incompletely aligned in another garbage-appearing bed. I

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