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Love In The Times Of Recession: Chapter 2: Tough Times Ahead

  The month of September crawled to an end and the students of Batch – 5 faced a daunting task ahead of them, from October onwards – to get placed in a reputed firm!! The students had still about 3 months left but there was a constant fear in all their minds. Big multinational firms were filing for bankruptcy across the world; multitudes of people were losing their jobs, layoffs became the order of the

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Battered Butter Chicken! A Parody on a Happening Friday

  The head of operations stood in one corner and had a huge grin on his face, his entire team were there standing behind him and watching humour unfold in front of their own eyes. I had the ‘butcher’s knife’ in my hands as I tore into a dead chicken. Something on similar lines was being played out on national television that day. A man lay dead in his coffin, his deep secrets buried into

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On a Goan Forest Trail

Goa’s often known just for the beaches has tracts of equally wonderful forest lands which are unknown to most. Kartik Kannan, explores one such tract, the extremes of Harmal Village, where he got a free facepack, and an unexpected encounter with a greedy ‘baba’ who requested a laptop as Dakshina. Read on to know what happened next.  7 am, is a time most people don’t see in Goa, and I was one of the few

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Light Painting – A Photography Technique

Check out the third of the series of posts by Mili Sharma on the technicalities of photography. Playing with the light has always been fun. You can do several experiments with lights. One of them is Light Painting. It is one of the photography techniques used to capture light in artistic ways. All you need is to have the items listed here: 1)      A DSLR or a Film Camera 2)      A Tripod 3)      A Light

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The Stoning of Soraya M: A Potent Tale

Based on an incredible true story of horrific injustice, The Stoning of Soraya M. is the powerful tale of an entire village’s persecution of an innocent woman. Originally described in 1990 in a book by a French-Iranian journalist named Freidoune Sahejam, the film tells the story of Soraya Manutchehri, a 35-year-old woman, who was stoned to death in rural Iran in 1986. James Caviezel plays Freidoune, an Iranian expatriate visiting Iran on assignment when he meets Soraya’s aunt,

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John Abraham Redeems Himself in Shootout at Wadala

  Plot (3 stars) A bright student scores 78% in college. He holds certain ideals close to his heart. For instance, he never cheats in exams. He has good prospects and dreams of becoming a respectable serviceman. However, his life takes a tragic turn when he is framed for murder by a policeman. He and his step-brother get a life sentence. It is then that Manohar Arjun Surve, a simple boy from Mumbai, turns into

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Celebrating Cinema & Wielding Magic: Bombay Talkies Way

  If it is going to take another hundred years, for candy floss directors like Karan Johar to make believable and cinema of impact, we should rather celebrate each decade. ‘Bombay Talkies’ conveys the universal language of humanity, it has his moments of edginess, but all in all it is very close to reality. So much like life! The four segments in the movie have been executed by different directors and each one has their

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Aditya Roy’s Brilliance only Saving Grace for Aashiqui 2

  Summary: Trying to make something between Devdas and Abhimaan, Mohit Suri let’s down expectations that were raised because of the name of Aashiqui 2. The film leave aside delighting, does not in fact appeal to any senses. Shraddha Kapoor as usual does not fit in the female lead’s role and with many fragile characters around, this one is a huge let down. Except for Aditya Roy Kapoor’s efforts there is nothing to watch the

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Five Reasons KKR Don’t Deserve To Retain Their IPL Crown

  Captain RED: I call Gambhir captain RED because he has been a personification of anger all through the season, yelling and screaming at the bowlers and fielders. He looks more and more like a wrestler in a steel cage match than a senior pro in KKR. One could argue that Gambhir was always aggressive but venting out and yelling at players especially when your team is losing is not the right example that is

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Understanding F Stops, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Photography is nothing but a game of light. If you understand the light and you know how to play with it, then congratulations! You are a photographer! Light keeps on changing depending upon various factors like weather conditions, structural design, locations etc. This is where “Aperture” comes into picture. This is a mechanism by which we can control the amount of light required for clicking photos according to various light conditions. Aperture is nothing but

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