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Happy 100th Birthday Bollywood: From a Fan Turned Critic

follow link Assistant Director: Sir we need to make the breakdowns before the film goes on floors! A trainee assistant talking to his director in the office. Director: Don’t worry son, it is all in here (signals towards his brain) Assistant Director: But sir how will we execute the movie, if we don’t have things on paper? Director: Don’t worry son I can see the entire picture clearly, you go and see if the food has been

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Watch Commando for Vidyut Jamwal

Summary: You might have seen our actors flaunting their great bodies in front of the camera. The biceps, triceps, abs look all too good in show off but the moment it comes to action and cracking the skull bone of a villain, the stunts start looking more like comedy. Not in Commando though as Vidyut Jamwal and the makers give the Indian audience a real taste of action in this film. Watch it if you

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Himmatwala: Bum Pe Lat for the Makers

So basically Sajid Khan picked up an already bad film, added pathetic twists to it and made it crass. I was warned by my mom before watching this one. She had seen the one made in the 80’s and said it was bad taste. I though, being me, wanted to experience anything before making a value judgement. How I wish I would have taken the sane advice and avoided this ridiculously preposterous flick. The need

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The Wolverine Is Back: This Time In Japan

hoI had always refrained from watching the X-Men series. Reason being, I could not think of a superhero looking as crass as Hugh Jackman in X-Men. One start though was enough. I saw one film and from there I could not stop myself from watching all five. The X-Men series had something special, having brought the mutants to screen for the first time. The star amongst mutants, Wolverine played by Jackman became a part of

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