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A Healthy Crumble: Fig-gy Oats Cookie!!

follow url To continue on in our journey of cooking with oats; and keeping it healthy, here is another from the repertoire… Cookies have had a notorious reputation all its life!! But I tend to disagree, eaten the right way, it can be beneficial, rather than detrimental. Even when it’s a traditionally made cookie, with refined flour, white sugar and butter, it has some nutritional content. It’s in actuality a meal in itself, but hardly ever consumed

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Good Looks = Better Career for the Fairer Sex?

Beauty is an added advantage for ambitious women. Marilyn Monroe, Noor Jahan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – there are a large number of prominent figures whose claim to fame and power has been good looks. Here, Brijj attempts to gauge into what top professionals of our times feel about the relationship between good looks and corporate success – Is physical appearance an important criterion for women wanting to break through the glass ceiling? Find out. Anuradha

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