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Peter Cat – For the Best Chelo Kebabs in Kolkata

One of the renowned restaurants in Kolkata, Peter Cat has managed to survive both – fire and ravages of time. It remains as popular as it used to be way back in the 1960s when it opened for the public, making it one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The interiors are so designed that they will take you back to the olden times. Unfolding history with waiters dressed in Rajasthani styled attire that

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Letter from a Teddy Bear

Hello Bob, Its been a while we met, its exactly 12 years 7 months and 156 day. You might not even remember where we met last time. Let me remind you. It was your birthday, it was your 9th birthday and the whole house was full of guests. You were playing with me and suddenly one of your guests came towards you and gifted you a beautiful F1 car toy, I admit it was really

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Nem Menu @ Chili’s Grill & Bar Bangalore

Chili’s Grill & Bar, is the leading American casual dining restaurant chain present in over 1500 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Egypt, Kuwait, Russia, UAE, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea among several others. With a pan-India proliferation, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore are the cities that constitute the Southern & Western markets for Chili’s in the country. The signature Chili’s restaurant in Bangalore is at No: 1135,

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Review: Pulse Oximeter: iSpO2 by Masimo

iSpO2 by Masimo is a pulse oximeter device that helps to measure your blood’s oxygen level. Certain jobs that requires to monitor this would be Pilot, Sportsman etc. Masimo is a Irvine, California-based manufacturer of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies and is famously known for pulse oximetry technology. With the Technology changing faster than light, fitness wearable gadgets are easily available and helps in tracking individual calorie burning rate by measuring the workout time, pulse rate

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Phicomm Passion P660 – Power packed device at Rs.10,999

Phicomm Recently launched their new phone in India. Called as Passion 660, this one looks like a power packed device. I got hands on with the device. Lets start with the Design. Phicomm is pretty light and slim at 7.3 mm and does have premium finishing and does not look plastic. The screen size is 5-inch display that is bigger than iPhone 6. The display of Phicomm Passion 6 is 5 inch FHD with crystal

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Eat and shop your heart out at Feast, Sheraton Bengaluru

Sheraton is famously known to come up with innovative offerings and ideas. Their latest brainchild Feast, the Signature multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is a one of its kind experience. Personalized interactive dining experience with live cooking stations, mini floating kitchens and Individual counters and open kitchens cater to the varied palate of the guests. This offers a complete family experience having a chilled out weekend over the

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स्कीनी जींस के अब जल्द ही लगेंगे दिन?

वैसे तो फैशन औऱ लाइफ स्टाइल का बड़ा हिस्सा बाजार की चलन से डिसाइड होता है जिसके लिए टेलीविजन,अखबार,सिनेमा और अब एफएम चैनल भी दूत का काम करते हैं..देखते-देखते हमारे खाने-पीन,पहनने का अंदाज बदल जाता है..मैं खुद भी ग्रेजुएशन तक जिस मट्टीमार बैग्गी ट्राउजर पहनकर डॉ. कामिल बुल्के शोध संस्थान जाया करता था, अब उन्हीं ट्राउजर को देखकर हंसी आती है और लगता है कि जब मेरी उम्र साठ साल( अगर तब तक जी गया

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Depression – A Matter of Serious Concern

The usual ups and downs of life mean that everyone feels sad or has “the blues” from time to time. But if emptiness and despair have taken hold of your life and won’t go away, you may be down with depression. Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. An individual suffering from depression can feel morose, sad, anxious, hopeless, helpless, worthless, restless and at

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‘Decoding the Kulfi’ at Barbeque Nation

Summer is the season for having cool things and what better way than trying out 800 exotic varieties of Kulfi. Barbeque Nation, one of the most successful casual dining restaurants in India, has embarked on a new journey with its patrons by introducing a special ‘Kulfi Nation’ experience zone. The one thing I found really cool was how much effort the team at Barbeque Nation had put to select Kulfi as the new offering and

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Lesser Known Hill Stations in West Bengal – II

In this post, a continuation of the previous one, we will explore a few more lesser known hill stations hidden in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas: Suntaleykhola Located barely 5 kilometres from Samsing, Suntaleykhola is a small hamlet that has been attracting the attention of travelers for some time now. Positioned at an altitude of 650 to 950 meters above the sea level, Suntaleykhola derives its name from a small river. Suntaley means orange and khola means

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