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Growing Your Greens- Fenugreek

How many of you guys out there reading me right now have a green something close to you! Nope, tat green cup or a fridge magnet doesn’t count. I mean real living green leaves around you, especially if you have a balcony to spare. When I look out while I write this, I see this view and I feel lucky to have made this green patch in my home today. I have a bigger terrace which has vegetable seedlings growing and another little balcony which has herbs growing. I manage the gardens alone, with whatever help I get from anyone.

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Captain Jack Sparrow

What comes to your mind when you think of Jack Sparrow? suave, adventurous, reckless genius, master manipulator, pompous, narcissistic, eloquent, a phoenix and an outlaw in every imaginable way. Like every story worth telling, Jack’s story is a love story. But this love is not for a woman or gold or power. In his own words, the unbounded sea is his first love and his beloved ship the Black Pearl his second love. However, both are just means to an end. What Jack truly yearns for is freedom. Freedom is the soul’s sacred thirst for normalcy. You can bind Calypso

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The concept of Commune is “Compact homes”. You are buying just the space required for you. COMMUNE offers just the Right Sized living units that meet not just today’s but also tomorrow’s needs of you and your small family. Be it in living comfort or style, COMMUNE apartments are cozy yet spacey enough for the two of you and possibly your loved ones too. Commune is a Self-contained Enclave where you have all the facilities and luxuries within the complex. Life in a self-contained enclave is more efficient than living in a standalone apartment building. Once you come home, you

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Recently I was in Delhi for just a single day but wanted to dine at an interesting location which is like an oasis in the noisy locales of Delhi. I chanced upon Sewara Hospitality‘s Lodi – The Garden Restaurant. Situated in Lutyens Delhi, just next to Lodi Gardens on Lodhi road, it is like a peaceful and romantic sanctuary. Just stepping inside made me forget all the traffic issues present in Delhi. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant has both interior seating and exterior seating. As the night when I went there was relatively cooler, I preferred to sit outside which

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Equality is Important, Both in Life and Diet

quality is a difficult thing to achieve in life. I almost always feel it’s utopian in nature. This month the new government celebrated #SaalEkShuruaatAnek on social media. I personally got 2 messages from our tech savvy Prime Minister’s office. Won’t lie, it did feel nice to see my name and his signature on a virtual piece of paper. But between all this shuruaat, have we got the basics right? Basics of equality, have we even got it in our heads right. I am not talking about the villages here. I am a hard-core urban girl, born and brought up in

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Diageo Reserve World Class hosted an exclusive evening to celebrate the India champion Alfonso Del Portillo’s journey at the competition. Last month, Portillo edged his competitors and swayed the judges with his speed, meticulous execution and balanced cocktails in Mumbai at the India finals to emerge as the India Bartender of the Year. To relive this experience, Bangalore’s Drinks on MG Road was the perfect setting for a special masterclass where Alfonso showcased his winning concoctions – Atlantic Martini, Mayor of London and Botanical Heritage. Alfonso set the mood for the evening with Atlantic Martini made with the Talisker, Tanqueray

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Restaurant Review: Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery  

The newest kid on the block, Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery has already created ripples in the city’s café and bakery scene. If you are the kind of foodie who prefers to consume cakes, pastries and other such stuff, then do visit Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery in south Kolkata. It is really not the kind of place that you simply enter. You reach, admire the place and then enter. The 21-seater café is the brainchild of Sohini Basu, an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu, London. As you enter, you are welcomed by nice subtle pink and light green colours.

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Why do you listen to the world, Sometime listen to yourself too

Yes! [Tweet “Selfish, be a bit selfish, Why do you listen to the world, Sometime listen to yourself too.”] Thank God, My 10th exams is over now! Now I will concentrate on Cricket.. But didn’t know that my life had just begun .. ======================================= Papa: Where are you going? Me: Going to play a Cricket match! Papa: Where? Don’t waste your time in games.. Concentrate on your IIT entrance. Me is my own mind: uff how can I tell him that I don’t want to go for Engineering. I am not good in Maths, better I can choose Biology .

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A rebuttal to a daughter-in-law from a son and a husband

I scrolled through this piece on AkkarBakkar some 10 days back. I felt angry as to how the Internet, something that was supposed to give a life beyond saas bahu bitching, was falling prey to it. I wanted to rebut it then but I did not care much. Today though is a different day. I see my wife sharing this piece on her Facebook profile. This makes me rebut it because tomorrow my sister might share this considering its fashionable to share anything that victimizes feminity, even if the victimizer is another female. It becomes tremendously fashionable when the mother-in-law

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Peter Cat – For the Best Chelo Kebabs in Kolkata

One of the renowned restaurants in Kolkata, Peter Cat has managed to survive both – fire and ravages of time. It remains as popular as it used to be way back in the 1960s when it opened for the public, making it one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The interiors are so designed that they will take you back to the olden times. Unfolding history with waiters dressed in Rajasthani styled attire that too red n colour creates a unique juxtaposition of the Indian and the western. Legends have it that this famous joint was named after a

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