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Celebrating International Dance Day – April 29

generic orlistat online no prescription Celebrated on 29th April every year, the origins of International Dance Day dates back to 1982 and was introduced by the International Dance Council CID (Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO. The date is not linked to any particular event or person. The main purpose behind Dance Day is to attract attention of the wider public to the art form of dance. Every year, the president of the CID sends the official message

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Rust Rewired To Perform at Outlandish Music Fest, They Talk to Ankush Kumar

What do you think when you think Patna? BIMARU State, caste politics, migration to other states, sometimes even high percentages of IAS aspirants. What if we tell you that Patna also is shaping dreams of various rock bands today. Yes, you heard it right, Rock Bands it is and one of them, the Rust Rewired who have been selected to perform at the prestigious Outlandish Music Fest talk to our entertainment guru and film reviewer

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Loft 38 – Latest Hip Lounge In Bangalore

Since a long time I had been hearing about Loft 38 in Indiranagar, the latest hip lounge to open in Bangalore. In an area where there are more than 200 restaurants, pubs and lounges, it was very surprising to see many people wanting to get into Loft 38 during the weekends. I was really intrigued to check out the place and try out the cuisine and drinks. I also wanted the place to not jazz much on

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Colorful World Of Dogs

  So , June is such a rapchandooos month, nahi ? No holidays at all , my boss must be singing “wake me up , when June ends..” . I am into another weekend and just right time to undergo an international level transformations at both professional and personal levels ( Mera kunwarapan apni aakhiri saansein gin raha hai bhailog ! ) , I still find enough time to ruminate about deeper issues such as

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10 Myths Women Have About Men

  1 We are insensitive Not at all. Most men feel deeply and strongly about things they care about. Just try walking in front of the television as Sachin Tendulkar winds up for a cover drive. 2 We are obsessed with our gym-built bodies Partly true. Lying in a gym with large plates on a rod is meant to impress the ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for the lower part of the body.

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The ‘Alive Club’ And Its Benefits That Jiah Khan Will Miss

We all know how difficult it is to live up to people’s expectations. If you haven’t encountered that yet, then I bow my head to thee! For all remaining commoners like me and scores of others if you are reading this post after facing several lows in your life, after going though frustration of failures, after feeling the heat from your staunchest critics, then mate welcome to the ‘ALIVE CLUB’. This club has its presence across the globe, the entry fees

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STOP Jiah Khan! That Is Not Your Job.

  How we wish school would have lasted till we die! The charm of sleeping in the bathroom as a hysterical mother yelled at you to get ready, the innocence of missing the school bus almost on a daily basis to squeeze in another hour of football before reaching home, fooling parents on holiday homework so that you don’t have to study, how we wish life could have been just like that. The truth though is that none of us had

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Jazz by the Way!

The UNESCO organizes the International Jazz Day on 30 April every year. So being a music aficionado (or at least trying to be), I thought of delving a little into the journey of this musical genre in a country that already has an excellent musical legacy. Well, the search for the same, again took me to my hometown, the City of Joy. I was not quite surprised as the Kolkata is officially known as the

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