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Wearing a uniform can mean many things

Every institution that wants to leave a rich tradition, a rich legacy of its decorum and order and wants to create an ‘Element’ of considerable influence in a majority of cases emphasises on wearing a Uniform. The word itself as one can see puts focus on creating a sense of uniformity but with a difference in interesting ways. Although the general norm is to enforce uniforms in schools, many colleges also place emphasis on a uniform as a crucial symbol or if one can also state as a ‘Branding Tool’. Now this would mean that the uniform assumes importance as

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This Navratri Fall in Love with Chaniya Cholis

The popularity of chaniya cholis among women can be gauged from the fact that its not only worn in India, but also in many foreign countries. Since the festive season is round the corner, girls are queuing up to buy their favourite attire to jazz up the celebrations with this vibrant ethnic wear. However, this traditional dress has undergone a sea change over the years. These days you will find variations such as divided lehengas, backless cholis, net dupattas and others.   The most awaited festival of Navratri is coming soon. Navratri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm every

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Beauty and the be(a)st

  I was recently pointed out by a dear friend how inappropriate it was for my 6 year old girl to be adorned in make-up. My initial reaction (in my head) was more like “mind your own business, will you?” On the hind side, isn’t it true that friends are the ones to point out the good and the not so good stuff about our lives? In this case it was true. And I began to think a loud in that direction. His words made sense though, let’s not limit their blooming minds to what we opine as our idea

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स्कीनी जींस के अब जल्द ही लगेंगे दिन?

वैसे तो फैशन औऱ लाइफ स्टाइल का बड़ा हिस्सा बाजार की चलन से डिसाइड होता है जिसके लिए टेलीविजन,अखबार,सिनेमा और अब एफएम चैनल भी दूत का काम करते हैं..देखते-देखते हमारे खाने-पीन,पहनने का अंदाज बदल जाता है..मैं खुद भी ग्रेजुएशन तक जिस मट्टीमार बैग्गी ट्राउजर पहनकर डॉ. कामिल बुल्के शोध संस्थान जाया करता था, अब उन्हीं ट्राउजर को देखकर हंसी आती है और लगता है कि जब मेरी उम्र साठ साल( अगर तब तक जी गया तो) हो जाएगी तब भी ये ट्राउजर आ जाएंगे बल्कि एक ही में दोनों पैर,बाकी एक की मजे से झोले सिलवा लूंगा…और बताइए ऐसी ढीली-ढाली

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Dear Deepika, keep your hypocrisy to yourself: An Open Letter

Vogue, India’s leading ‘fashion’ magazine and the maker of the ‘Let’s start with the Boys’ video, is back with another of its videos, titled, ‘My choice’. And this time, we have Bollywood’s leading lady taking the centre stage to speak for the women of our country. One would think it to be a moving, riveting, stark, dark, and a goosebump-inducing narrative. The first glimpse of the logo, with the bindi in there is quite reminiscent of the BBC documentary, India’s Daughter. Cut to the first shot, with Deepika’s free-flowing hair, and things start looking different from there on. What are

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Dear Men, just say “Ladies Here I Come”!

According to Neil Postman, ‘What an advertiser needs to know is not what is right about the product but what is wrong about the buyer’. The advertisers of fragrances for males have tactfully used this principle to create sex-filled scopophiliac ads that capitalize on the ideas of sex and seduction. They employ the power of provocative female images in making a man’s imagination run wild. The central idea is to uplift a man’s mojo, however, a closer analysis will unveil the ‘objectification of women’ and the ‘gender presumptions’ that define each ad. Though it is thought that the ads challenge

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Winter Fashion Tips for Men

Some men shy away from the task of trying to look stylish during winter. It is true that striking a balance between looking fashionable and feeling comfortable during the cold months could be challenging. Nevertheless, there are ways to experience the best of both worlds. In fact, some fashion conscious guys see this season as an opportunity to flaunt their style sense. Winter gives you a chance to wear multiple clothes. This means that you can mix and match different clothing to make a unique style statement. Men’s winter fashion ideas could be more than just sweaters and overcoats. Whether

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3 must-haves to keep skin Oil-free

Dry skin in India is rare thing. The terrible humidity that rules over a large part of our country makes even those of us with normal skin, feel like we are bubbling vats of oil on the inside. But let’s face it, skin products are costly. Regular appointments at the parlour which always promise “clearly noticeable results” take too much effort. And frankly, they are not even worth it. People who spend enough time outdoors do not have the time to go through time-consuming treatments in order to squeeze out every drop of oil that their bodies have! (We’d much rather

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Bollywood as India’s Cultural Ambassador

There are backdrops that stir the imagination of Bollywood and create a magnum opus. A dose of ethnicity with a rich cultural heritage, an unexplored virgin locale and a tinge of vibrancy added by ethnic garbs like a royal chaniya choli, playful anarkali suits or suave sarees seem to take creativity to a whole new level and portray India in the best light. Here is the top locations that serve as inspiration to our film makers and showcase our country to the world. 7 Places that Showcase India at its Best in Cinema Here are 7 places in India that

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A First Bag of Make-Up

I got my first set of makeup when I was 14. At that age, I participated in every dance show, took part in every drawing competition and auditioned for every play that happened in my limited orbit of home and school. So, I convinced myself that it was high time that I got myself some makeup. My father had passed away couple of years back and my mother was still fighting depression. Whenever I needed something that was not available within walking distance, I asked my grandfather. My grandfather is a kind soul. He took me to the departmental store

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