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Hollywood: You Have Sci-Fi! We Have Mythology!

go site     Disclaimer: ‘The Rashomon effect’ is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it. Good Morning Folks! I have just come back from watching ‘Iron Man’ their third installment of the Comic strip produced by Marvel. Shane Black the director of the movie has been someone who has executed some great works in the past, but

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Iron Man 3: Delightful Cinema at its Best

Summary: Iron Man 3 shows up why the west is so ahead of us in filmmaking. For those who have always felt the primary reason is money that they invest in technology, this one will shove the theory in their back. Frankly the comic (Iron Man 3) ain’t great but the way Director Shane Black has brought humour, action, and intelligence together and woven a screenplay that so entertains talks about filmmaking intelligence which we

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Happy 100th Birthday Bollywood: From a Fan Turned Critic

Assistant Director: Sir we need to make the breakdowns before the film goes on floors! A trainee assistant talking to his director in the office. Director: Don’t worry son, it is all in here (signals towards his brain) Assistant Director: But sir how will we execute the movie, if we don’t have things on paper? Director: Don’t worry son I can see the entire picture clearly, you go and see if the food has been

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Jolly LLB is for the Judicial System

You might blame them for the infinite delays in handling cases but the point is that the judicial system still in many ways upholds the Indian constitution right. Jolly LLB portrays the same in a tickling, comical manner Bunches of files lie scattered here and there holding details that can be used to differentiate between a criminal and a innocent person. When they aren’t put to use or are misused, they remain useless equivalent to

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