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Inside Edge Review: Amazon Prime

Cast: Richa Chaddha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Sanjay Suri & Sayani Gupta. Created by: Karan Anshuman Okay then. How do we review a Web series? Do we do it on episode basis, or on the entire length? It’s a tough one. Especially for me, this is unchartered territory. I will try balancing the act, and do a little bit of both. Judging me by the opening paragraph, I am sure all of you must have figured out, that I am nervous. Much like the makers of this show, who have done several films in the past, but this

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Dangal : Movie Review

Film: Dangal Cast: Aamir Khan, Saakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra. Directed by: Nitesh Tiwari. Introduction: The seeds of divinity grow and blossom in a truly cultured society where women are given due respect and equal opportunities of rise, dignity and glory. Alas! That still does not holds true in most society. In some the disparity for that gender is subtle and has been underplayed whereas in many the divide is wide open. In India, Haryana is one such glaring example. So when a story of female triumph against odds is told, we must together stand up and applaud the

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Sultan Review: Classic underdog story, horribly wrong

Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma & Randeep Hooda.   Director: Abbas Ali Zafar   Run time: 2 hours & 50 minutes. Introduction: Have you ever been to a Being Human store? Have you picked up a tee shirt believing the money actually goes for charity? If the answer is in the affirmative, then trust me you have done you’re bit already. Sultan is nothing but branding of his concept, better known as Being Human. Likewise his store, this film too has a wide range of collection, sorry films all merged into one. This one was supposed to be his Rocky.

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Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Daljit & Satish Kaushik. Produced by: Alt Ent & Phantom Directed by: Abhishek Chaubey. First take: Did the publicity help the film? Yes! It did. Morning shows for an anurag kashyap film was housefull. Journalists made a beeline outside, waiting for the feedback. Police was called in to manage any threat. The problem of course was the threat inside the cinema halls. The threat called ‘mediocrity’. Story: Lets give the credit where it deserves one. Tommy is a drug addict rockstar whose career is going downhill.  Daljit is a corrupt officer part

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Ki & Ka Movie Review

You have to agree this movie is of a different league. Today I will discuss two aspects of this movie, one is concept of the movie and another is other technicalities of the movie. First of all, I don’t agree with the concept shown in the movie. Before being tagged as Chauvinist or sexist, let me clear the fog why I do not support the concept. I too believe in equality. I do not believe one has to to office work and the other one will have to sit back at home and do household activities. In case you like

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Sorry, but I am no Fan of Fan

Rating: 2/5 Surprisingly everyone seems to like Fan. But I think its a very average old fashioned Shahrukh Khan centred illogical connectless movie. The movie revolves around one and only Shahrukh Khan and other people are used just as props. The movie is about a die hard fan of Shahrukh khan, sorry, Aryan Khanna (what’s the difference) who calls himself junior Aryan Khanna and wishes to meet him in person someday. However when he actually did, things didn’t happen as he dreamt of and from junior Aryan Khanna he becomes anti Aryan Khanna. The only thing I liked about the

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Kapoor & Sons ~ a review

MY score : 3 out of 5 Finally we got to see something real in Bollywood which is proportionately averse to the ‘Look! We are so good’ Hum Saath Saath Hain… (Read: Rajasri productions) Families in the newly released ‘Kapoor and Sons’. The film unfolds in the picturesque locations of coonoor and since the title rolls on the screen, the film name appears in a superlative & suggestive pink, fancy feelgood font, which promises you this is going to be a genuine romcom with enough underlined humor , light hearted plot lines and a very much ‘reading a novel’ feel

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This Navratri Fall in Love with Chaniya Cholis

The popularity of chaniya cholis among women can be gauged from the fact that its not only worn in India, but also in many foreign countries. Since the festive season is round the corner, girls are queuing up to buy their favourite attire to jazz up the celebrations with this vibrant ethnic wear. However, this traditional dress has undergone a sea change over the years. These days you will find variations such as divided lehengas, backless cholis, net dupattas and others.   The most awaited festival of Navratri is coming soon. Navratri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm every

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কিস্তিমাত !!

“উজির” কথাটার বাংলা প্রতিশব্দ বোধহয় মন্ত্রী। যদিও রাজা, উজির কথায় কথায় প্রায়ই মেরে থাকি আমরা। কিন্তু ”ওয়াজির” মানে সাদা বাংলায় ”উজির” দেখতে গিয়ে আপনি তেমন কোনো উজির’কে খুঁজে পাবেন না। যাদের পাবেন তারা হলো এক সাসপেন্ডেড পুলিশ অফিসার , এক হুইলচেয়ার আঁকড়ে থাকা দু’পা কাটা বৃদ্ধ দাবাড়ু আর চৌষট্টি খোপের সাদা কালো দাবার ছক ঘিরে মূলত এই দুজন অসমবয়সী বন্ধুকে ঘিরে, সাদা কালো আরো কয়েকটি চরিত্র। এদের মধ্যে কেউ প্রথাগত ভাবে ভালো অর্থাত সাদা আর কেউ প্রথা মেনেই সাংঘাতিক খারাপ অর্থাত কালো। কেউ এক কদম চাল চাললে আরেক পক্ষ দুই কদম চাল দিয়ে কিস্তিমাত করে। এবং শেষ অবধি দুষ্টের দমন,

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Kapoor & Sons – a cheesy family portrait

Kapoor & Sons – If this is what we call “-Dysfunctional Family” then would prefer this Venkataraman & Son (estd 2006)???? Imagine the sight of the nilgiris toy train zipping through its journey from the plainlands to the hills- the steamy start, the huff and puff as it starts leaving behind all signs of habitation and slowly chugs away into the wilderness, the glory of the nature, hooting intermittently as it meanders its way through numerous tunnels and curves…the journey might be long but the effect it has on the tired souls is unbelieveable!!! Thats what this bold, whacky,urbane and

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