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3 essentials of Digital Video. Or the long, short (and silent) off it!

Tides always creep up unknowingly. And over the last decade whenever I have had a chance to talk about digital trends – I have realised that they are very much like tidal waves that take marketers by surprise. So I thought it’s best to start with sharing some context on digital video and let you decide if you want to spend the next five minutes to immerse yourself in this new world. * 80% of

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  With our little start up getting more real and serious everyday, we figured we needed the real funds to start coming in. A series of investor meetings started lining up – each one with a different outcome. Some great feedback, some good and some just plain “why are you guys wasting your time with this ?” Yes , some of the feedback did hurt but ‘just keep moving’ became our constant thought and action.

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Beginning of the Grind and the Festive Season Combined

Brainstorming while experimenting different cocktails and dreams (yes, I still love Tom Cruise) at various venues was what our new family did for the next 3 months. We had a new excuse to go OUWT even more now – it was all to figure out exactly what kind of product we wanted to create. With a fair share of procrastination and some pretty fun ideas, we saw ourselves getting serious about new work quite naturally.

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Our New Family :)

So after creating a bit of a schedule for people to balance their day jobs and work on our new project , we began our very loopy , exciting ,fairly dramatic, thoroughly energising journey ! For you to understand and truly feel this, I think it is imperative for me to introduce you to our rather quirky, sometimes very random and always hysterical team . Oh and pretty smart too ! I honestly think some

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After our initial enthusiasm of “it would be so cool if someone could give us a few options of where to go for a beer after work with our choice of music” , we landed up going to our usual neighbourhood bar and met a bunch of familiar faces – some of whom had a crew of friends from outa town . We got chatting with them about the usual – and after the general

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