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The Linkages Between Indo-US and Indo-Afghan Relations

It is a pertinent question as to how India-Afghanistan relations stagnated[i] from the days of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Karzai government in 2011 to the current days of relative disengagement and marginalization of India compared to other big players of the region. The question is aggravated if it is considered that neither country has made a hostile or negative move towards the other during this period. Yet, Afghanistan’s new leadership has resumed its ‘competitive

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Pakistani Strategic Culture: False Invincibility or Persistent Revisionism?

The issue of revisionism is a strange and important one in International relations discourse. Revisionist states, simply put, are the ones wanting to revise the status quo. Tacit or explicit consent to the status quo leads to long term detrimental effects to their interests in their national security calculation and perception. The most persuasive of the justifications of revisionism is encapsulated in the following dictum: In a race as in the case of the International

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India’s North West: A Picture Starting to Emerge

Afghan Taliban’s intransigence on the peace process coupled with its attack on civilians in Kabul has forced the four powers initially driving the peace process to increase the pressure on the group. President Ghani’s announcement to initiate a 5-year war strategy[1] against the Taliban, American drone strike on the head of the Taliban[2] travelling through Baluchistan and Pakistan policy of stepping up operations[3] on the terrorist groups have put the group on the defensive. The Americans have been

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Indian Foreign Policy Debate: A Neo-realism and Classical Realism Nuance

‘Where freedom is menaced or justice threatened or where aggression takes place, we cannot be and shall not be neutral.’    – Pt. Nehru speech to US Congress and Senate, October 1949 The fact that India needs stronger relations with United States to deal with the constellation of power around her is not a bone of contention between classical realists and neo-realists. The question is to add a variable which gives an important nuance to

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Micro-Aggression Theory, Victimhood Culture and Article 370 as a Counter Radicalization Tool

For argument’s sake if we keep the violent insurgency problem in Kashmir aside for the reading time of this article, Kashmiri politics is primarily characterized by politics of identity and culture. While there are deep problems with defining culture and cultural analysis, sociologists and cultural theorists still attempt to theorize about cultural politics. One such theory is the micro-aggressions theory. Micro aggression[1] is a term coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M.Pierce in 1970

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Pakistan Political Economy- Where are the Actions for Leap frogging?

The Pakistan politico-economic strategy, like many developing countries is based on the logic of leap frogging certain stages of development. Channeling new information and hardware technologies, flow of international capital and goods, liberalizing trade, massive infrastructure and private sector investment along with parallel human resource development are essential components of this strategy. It is based on the idea that developing countries can learn, improvise and refashion best practices looking at the experiences of developed countries

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आ गले लग जा

मफलर, अरविंद केजरीवाल के गले में जाने कब से पड़ा था। अब एक और चीज उनके गले पड़ गई है- नाम है, लालू प्रसाद यादव। मफलर को केजरीवाल ने खुद गले लगाया था, लेकिन लालूजी का केस कुछ अलग है। केजरीवाल चीख-चीखकर कह रहे हैं.. मैंने लालूजी को गले नहीं लगाया, बल्कि उन्होंने जबरन गलबहियां डाल दीं। लेकिन पब्लिक मानने को तैयार नहीं है। गलबहियों का यह उत्सव पटना में नीतीश कुमार के शपथ ग्रहण

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जन-गण-मन… दे दनादन

असली बात शुरू करने से पहले मैं आपको अपने बचपन की एक छोटी सी कहानी सुनाता हूं। हमारे स्कूल में हिंदी के एक मास्टर साहब हुआ करते थे। आदमी बुरे नहीं थे। लेकिन कायदे-कानून और अनुशासन को लेकर लगभग जुनूनी थे। क्लास में कभी-कभी अचानक बच्चो के मोजे तक चेक कर लिया करते थे। नेवी ब्लू की जगह अगर किसी ने काली जुराबे पहनी हो तो उसे क्लास से निकाल देते थे। मास्टर साहब की

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Blind love?

I am sitting at my desk reading the various reactions to what Aamir Khan has said and I am laughing, not in an amused way, but in that horrified, “I can’t really believe this” sort of way. But why am I horrified? I should be used to it by now. Everytime, everytime someone voices their concern about something that is wrong with our country, the brainless brigade is all out for blood. I am just

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Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ??

Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ?? We honestly believe in Alamma Iqbal that Mazhab nehin shikhata aapas mein bair rakhna ! Then why must we abdicate our lofty religious ideals to the rantings of the lunatic fringe on either side ? I havent authorised any such person to speak for my religion ! So must be the case with friends from other religions ! Why then the over zealous media is flogging such

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