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Could Indians Improve on their Packaging Industry? An Insight Do you think India should invest some good money in the packaging Industry so as to purchase sophisticated packaging machines? I remember I was pretty happy and content with the original toffee wraps – the simple ones; you twist and turn and lo behold! the toffee was in your mouth. Then the struggle began with the hajmola toffee packs in my life ie. – by the time I could open the ‘NEW Improved Pillow pack’ as

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MSK’s thumbs up to Snapdeal, the power of a strong platform proved again

You read this. Snapdeal also read the article, rather a customer grievance, a true one. And Snapdeal replied, “In this case we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to Sahil due to a mix up. Your feedback helps us grow and every mistake is an opportunity for us to learn to serve you better. We want to take this opportunity to share with you our commitment to keep working towards providing you the best products and

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Snapdeal, are you sacrificing Customer Satisfaction for Growth

metformina 500 mg para que sirve E-commerce had been the talk of the year in 2014, be it for multiple rounds of funding or the first of its kinds, Flash sales in India and the mega big disaster events like the Big Billion Day sale of Flipkart. The players in this market have been very competitive, so competitive that they have actually forgotten the crux of any business, i.e Customer Satisfaction has completely gone missing from the priority list of e-commerce

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Xiaomi phone patent issues – Is Huawei Honor a way to go?

Why buy Xiaomi [MI Phones] with a bundle of issues from patent to after sale services and no clear long-term plans for India market – Is Huawei Honor a way to go? Over past couple of years we’ve seen that users are replacing Samsung and Apple as their preferred choice of Smartphones. Some really good companies are getting into the Indian market appealing to consumers by providing best of features at competitive prices. Some of

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This is how Flipkart treats customers… So much for Customer Relationship Management

I have been a regular buyer at Flipkart and am known to buy their vouchers on regular basis. I had bought couple of vouchers months ago. I had passed the same to another person last week who came with a strange question to me last week. I was stunned to hear from him that those vouchers were already used and he was not able to use the same. So I tried to reach out to

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Taking a Cab: Not Ola Anymore

It all started last week when I used Ola app to book a cab from Noida to Gurgaon. With my past good experience with Cab services in Delhi/NCR I was quit confident that it would be a hassle free journey. My expectations were short-lived though as I was in for a shock the moment I boarded the cab. All the positivity I see on social media for Ola would land for a toss as you

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#flopkart : Bansals take a bow

Did you gamble on 6th? I did at the Flipkart table. The Bansals sparked off the Diwali season of ‘good luck’ by giving millions of Indians the experience of gambling on Flipkart. Now if you’ve ever gambled, you know there are always more losers than winners, and losers whine a lot. So newsfeeds, tweets and streams screamed #flopkart #bigbillionscam. While, raging social storms are fairly common in India’s new found arm-chair social media activism, the

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Open letter to the Flipkart Bansals

Dear Bansals, Sachin and Binny Let me start this open letter with a cliché saying that holds absolutely true to the catastrophe named ‘The Big Billion Day’ happened to you guys yesterday. The saying is – ‘It takes years and years of efforts to build someone’s trust, but it takes just split-seconds to break that very trust’! In your case, if you haven’t realized yet, you have lost trust of millions of your customers and

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Manoj Dhar’s Terrible Experience With Go Indigo

My name is Manoj Dhar and I travelled via Go Indigo flight on 3rd March 2014 under the PNR#XCZD8K.FYI, my original travel was planned at 6:45 AM on Monday morning i.e. 3rd March 2014. I checked in @ 6:08 AM and was sitting in-front of the gate mentioned in the ticket @ 6:22 AM The screen placed at the top of boarding gate was showing boarding for Kolkata flight and the ticket underneath was showing

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To Ratan Tata, With Not-much Love

I am a proud resident of Tata Nagar and have studied in a one of the best schools in Telco Colony. However, it gives me a lot of pain to write this to Ratan Tata on the Founder’s Day. However, I am helpless in the face of all this. Ref: Your Letter No: TTS/JAN/2014/61 Dated: 11/01/2014 To, Tata Telel Services Ltd 4 th Floor LIC Building Opp Kamani Center Jamshedpur Sub: Disconnection & pending Payment.

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