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Being a winner doesn’t always mean crossing the finishing line first

Off loading her truck laden kind of school bag, she doesn’t seem sad but rather upset and says; “Mumma I can’t fight back I am very short in my class friend helps me she is tall na.. so she can fight..they get scared of her! Yes it’s not easy to digest that, specially words uttered off a five-year-old something when she ends up in a verbal or silly physical tussles. So you must be wondering what’s new about it? We now persist in those times where it’s not only OK but paramount to fight back. Where it’s not what

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Here’s the Original Mother’s Day Message

Philadelphia activist Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) came up with the idea for “Mother’s Day” at the beginning of the 20th century as a tribute to her mother. On May 10, 1908, in what is considered the first Mother’s Day celebration, she sent 500 carnations to Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, her mother’s church in Grafton, W.Va. (which was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1992). It generated enormously positive response, and after extensive lobbying and letter-writing efforts, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation on May 9, 1914, declaring the second Sunday of May “a public expression of our love and reverence for

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This country is run by women

For quite some time, I have been observing around and I come to the conclusion that this country is run by women (this is a generalization, outliers remain though)! If you actually see and analyze, the amount of work that a woman does is much more than the amount of work a man does. There are set duties for a woman, almost all the duties are pertaining to others in her life; anything that she has to do for herself she has to take extra time out – whether it is going for a walk, or office, or beauty parlour,

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Mom: The Most Wonderful Gift of Life

Very recently there were two things that happened in my life. I just felt I should share those. I think I know that I am not a very good son. I did not do many things, which I should have done for my mother. But I truly love her and the reason I never express it loud because I feel I cannot. 1st Story I am not an introvert person but I have always found it hard to express my true feelings about anything to my parents. For the same reason in my long 27 years I have never celebrated

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Value Of A Mother Known Through A Miracle

I don’t need to give any introduction to the topic. Everyone has a special corner for Mom, because she has given her life to give you a life. I am writing this experience to my mom as a dedication to her this mother’s week. I am sure everyone will have experiences to share about their parents, especially mothers. Here is mine: – It was on Feb 15th 2002. I was 13-years-old and my sister was 7. My mom used to drop and pick us up from school. It was around 2:30 PM and the place was near one of Bangalore

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3 Inspirational Moms – SALUTE!

Do you agree to the saying – “behind every man’s success there is a woman”? While some of you may disagree to this, you cannot contend the fact that behind every human being’s success there is a mother! Continuing our Mother’s Day series, we thought of delving into some of the inspirational mothers of our times and trying to gauge their contribution to their children’s success. Sarath Babu’s Mother E Sarath Babu’s rags-to-riches’ story could not happen without his mother. Rising from a slum in Chennai, this man went to IIM-Ahmedabad and is now running the Food King Catering business

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Thank Her The Special Way This Mothers Day

While you must be wondering on what to give your mother on the Mothers day, Prachi Sharma suggests 5 emotional gifts that would pleasure her heart more than any material ones. 1. Make her feel special for making you wise: So do you even know where and how did you became all this intelligent? Where did the first few parts of wisdom came from? It clearly came from the person whose body you were a part of. It was her who made you understand the difference between a real sweet dish and a soap you thought was an ice-cream. It was her

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Being Mom

19th March, 2008-Riddhima, my niece was born. Six months later my sister joined her work back after a sabbatical and for the first time Riddhima was left to me and I had to take care of her all by my own. I still remember holding her in my arms, tightly cuddled on to me when she smiled looking at me and muffled something in her adorable voice that sounded very much similar to ‘ma’! For the first time in my life motherhood touched me! 12th March, 2010-Ishaan, my nephew was born. A month later I held him with my arms around him.

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When I entered the world of parenting, I felt pretty much like Alice in the Wonderland. Honestly speaking, motherhood is the most horrible, yet the most perfect and the most satisfying experience a woman can go through. It took me months to understand that Motherhood is a process. Tremendous amount of learning takes place in the first year for new mommies, and the baby learns a lot, too. Like most things, motherhood is everything I thought it would be, and yet, nothing at all. The days are long but the years are short, someone once told me. That about sums

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If Sometimes You Wonder

Dedicated To My Parents Who Turn 60 And 70 In September 2013 If sometimes you wonder, do I love you as much as I did, let me assure you,my love is as fresh as it was when I was a kid? If sometimes you wonder, do I think of you as much as you do?? Yes, I remember you every minute as my child, my son grew…. If sometimes you wonder, did you waste away your life for me; I am always indebted to your sacrifices as vast as the sea. If sometimes you wonder, have we grown apart over

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