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Importance of Employee Engagement There was a time when job hopping was a phenomenon that was unheard of. When we look at work in times of our fathers and forefathers, loyalty was a given thing; it was not sought after by the employers. It was nothing surprising to hear a person start a career with a company and stick on to it till retirement. Fast forward to the late 90s… …India was a growing economy and opportunities were aplenty.

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Rebut To “Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”

  For me the IPL was over the moment Mumbai Indians won it and the trophy was given over to the winning captain. A Chennai fan though Anuj Chennai, wrote an unnecessary article on why Chennai fans are subject to global criticism and why they are the best side in any case. A rebut point by point was needed and here it is. 1. Most consistent team: Go find out how much your team was brought

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Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – II

This is part 2 of Kartik Kannan’s photographic journey of Dudhsagar! The railway trek begins at Dudhsagar railway station, where passenger trains mildly stop for a minute. There’s no station/building present at this place. You need to walk across the railway track, till you pass 3 tunnels and ask the locals for the path from the mountain that leads to the waterfall. The image of the semi circular opening at the close of the tunnel,

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The Path in this yuga seems to be Deception and manipulation Conceit, hypocrisy and lies rule Success is bought not deserved The true path seems to be a farce And Mockery and exploitation by the Even the ‘Gods’ of the modern era, Nothing Can change the self destructive march of man Against nature, man and Life Between good and evil, right and wrong Distinction exists but nought Confused and blinded by superiority Man continues to

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Calcutta Chromosomes – I

Kolkata, popularly known as the City of Joy, is considered to be the cultural and intellectual capital of the country. Locales, such as the College Street Boi Para and the Coffee House will stand witness to this statement. These are the hubs within the city that beam with intellectuals and budding artists. This the city’s nucleus where one will find some of the best minds flocking. Bookshops or rather kiosks strategically positioned all along the

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मेरी माँ

  कितनी रातें तू जागी है कितने दिन रात रोई है , तकलीफों को अपनी माँ मुस्कराहट में संजोयी है , कितने जत्नों के बाद जन्मा तुमने मुझको ऐ अम्मा मेरी हर आह पे ऐ माँ तू रो आँचल भिगोई है , नमाज़ों में दुआओं में तूने जन्नत न है मांगी के मांगी है मेरी बस खैर मेरी खुशी-आबादी मांगी है , ममता  तेरी ओ मेरी माँ मुझको हौसला दे जाती है के जाऊं मैं

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The Relation Between Communication and Happiness

Communication is central to our success. It maintains and sustains relationships within a Company. The challenge is to channel the myriad communication means so that they enhance the Company’s competitiveness and bolster happiness. Read what  Sharon Andrew, Happiness Evangelist at Happiest Minds Technologies, Bangalore has to say about the relation between communication and happiness.   Communication is central to our success. It maintains and sustains relationships within a Company. The challenge is to channel the myriad

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Colours of the Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 Highlighted by the Nagababas – Part 1

Walking without a destination in mind, is perhaps the best way to enjoy a journey, where you lap up every experience that comes your way, without assigning relative scales to weighing them. The walk in the Kumbh Mela area is one such experience. Even if you aim to keep a destination in mind, the Kumbh Area ends up being so vast, with the constant on-the-move sea of humanity, that you invariably end up getting lost.

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Tagore, the Painter

Most of us knows about Tagore, the poet, the novelist, the song writer. But did you know that this Nobel Laureate was also a painter! Sampurna Majumder acquaints us with Tagore, the painter.  We all are aware of the great literary figure Rabindranath Tagore. Yes, he was the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and his composed verse ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was adopted as the country’s national anthem. Though known to the

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Review of The Maid Servant’s Story

The Maid Servant’s Story is a part of a compilation of short stories called Arranged Marriage, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the author of The Mistress of Spices. This story is a typical example of meta-narrative. The maternal aunt exemplifies her disapproval of the colour orange for the bridal outfit of her niece by relating an unfortunate tale about a family which hires a maid servant who supposedly wrought devastation on the family. The title, in

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