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Mouth-Watering Quick Baked Fish Recipe

see I have been trying a new baked fish recipe recently, courtesy Anjali. It’s very easy to make and tastes awesome !! As for the name, let’s call it “Fraud Mallu Fish”. So here are the ingredients you need: Fish : We use Salmon fillets Thyme : around 2 tbsp Basil : 2 tbsp Garlic powder Try Maggi Masala powder: half of the packet Olive Oil Balsamic vinegar cooking red wine Steps: 1. Pre heat oven

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How A Restauranteur Would Have Responded To The Lemp Incident

Ankush Kumar, our fellow writer and also the owner of Patna’s biggest theme restaurant In-Flight Kitchen, created on a theme of an airplane, in this first ever Q&A on Mission Sharing Knowledge talks of how he sees the Lemp incident, how much impact can the social media make and how would he have tackled the incident. 1. Are online reviews equally powerful as others? Should they be given so much importance? How much attention would

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Kolkata Biryani

Culinary delights of India leaves its own imprint on history. Annexed by various invaders across borders and boundaries, Indian cuisine has over the centuries have become somewhat a melting pot. The culture of feast in India was largely introduced by the Muslim invaders like the Arabs, Persians and Afghans. Developed during the 15th to the 18th century, Mughlai cuisine continues to enthral gourmets as well as laymen across the Indian subcontinent. Once accepted in India

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Match Experience at the PEPSI IPL VIP Box

  You queue outside in the hot sun, seeing a serpentine kilometer long queue to enter into respective gates, 90 minutes before the game, and you look at the VIP’s entering in a sedan right outside the gate, and walking in with elan.  Your position in the line has probably moved a few millimeters, while a few VIP’s have made their way in to the stadium. So, given this background, who doesn’t want to be a

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Chinese Breakfast @ China Town!

Continuing her series on China Town, Sampurna Majumder writes about the uniqueness of the locality. The variedness of Kolkata never seems to satiate me. From lip-smacking delicacies to some of the best known cultural events – Kolkata has loads to offer. In my last article I focussed on the existing China Town of Kolkata. This time, I decided to take a step ahead and find out something unique about the locality. It is a Saturday

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Posto: A Rare Vegan Diet for a Quintessential Bengali

Bhaat e Macch e Bangali (Rice and Fish make a true Bengali), so goes an adage. True. Food has always been a weakness for Bengalis. The quintessential Bangali Babu’s meal would be incomplete without these ingredients – bhaat, machher jhol and a bhaja (any vegetable fried, brinjal or bitter gourd/uchhe bhaja). However, Bengali cuisine offers a whole range of vegan delicacies as well. Posto (poppy seeds or khus khus) is an integral part of Bengali

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