ITC GARDENIA – K&K, the Signature restaurant in ITC Gardenia’s culinary crown presents and brings to you “Grill & Beer it”… The warmth of K&K Kebabs with cool endless mugs of Beer. As served in courts and on the battlefield of history, the fare at K & K is a coming together of ancient culinary secrets, long forgotten herbs and exotic flavours to pamper the palate. It presents a symphony of flavourful curries and delicious Kebabs. It is a melting pot of innumerable new dishes which originated throughout Central Asia and ultimately found a home in India. Melt-in-the-mouth kebabs make

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6 Superfoods for Depression and Anxiety

What makes certain foods mood-elevating seems based on whether they contain essential ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, tryptophan, vitamin D, or B vitamins. Get in a better state of mind by choosing foods that are high in phytochemicals and nutrients. These will help you deal with the trials of everyday anxiety and depression. Walnuts Walnuts are known to improve cell health due to the fact that they are the richest nuts in essential fats. Besides the fact that they elevate mood, ten walnuts a day can properly optimize the cell wall composition and lower blood cholesterol levels. These help

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Mehak-e-Punjab: A Slice of North Indian Cuisine in Kolkata

A comparatively new player, Mehak-e-Punjab has already become a popular eating joint in Kolkata. Located in Axis Mall, Rajarhat, it is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is famous for offering some of the finest north Indian delicacies. If you are looking towards savoring some of the best in terms of kebab platters and tandoori delicacies, then do remember to stopover at Mehak-e-Punjab at least once. Mehak-e-Punjab is very spacious and has two sitting area. The bar cum restaurant area is more comfortable. Well, now if you ask about the interiors, I would say they are not really great. However, they are

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Restaurant Review: Range De Basanti Dhaba – Tradition with a touch of Modernity

In Kolkata, many places have reinvented themselves in different styles just to mollify the customers’ changing tastes and to catch up with the trend. This time I chose to visit a new joint that has almost reinvented itself and also its passion for food. Earlier known as the AHD in Sector V, Salt Lake, is now renamed Rang De Basanti Dhaba (RDBD), after its very successful original version at neo-Punjabi land Gurgaon. The joint is almost a replica of the one that is located in Gurgaon. At the entrance, the real Punjabi emblem—a life size tractor—creates an impression, replicating itself

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Growing Your Greens- Fenugreek

How many of you guys out there reading me right now have a green something close to you! Nope, tat green cup or a fridge magnet doesn’t count. I mean real living green leaves around you, especially if you have a balcony to spare. When I look out while I write this, I see this view and I feel lucky to have made this green patch in my home today. I have a bigger terrace which has vegetable seedlings growing and another little balcony which has herbs growing. I manage the gardens alone, with whatever help I get from anyone.

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#WIN15 Voting Starts Now!!

It started as a passion, leading on to becoming a profession and now to get this encouraging news has led me on to my belief- THAT I AM MADE FOR FOOD ONLY.. A good day spent for me has elements of food in it only. And as if cooking wasn’t enough, that now my passion lies in gardening and tending plants which can bear fruits for me to harvest. From onions to potatoes, they have all been seeded and shaag/leafy veggies that have been harvested too..   So today when my blog- ZOUQH got nominated for #win15 by, I

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Do not judge a religion by its extremists

A municipal corporation in Mumbai announces an eight day ban on meat and the country goes berserk. Politicians lose their bearings and that helps the community unite in solidarity, even more. Twitterati, as is their wont, gets another fodder for their attention seeking timelines. That then has been the story of the #meatban and the posturing that has followed it. First and foremost, the ban on meat during the period of fast was passed in a democratic manner by people’s representatives of a municipal corporation extending to a rather small jurisdiction. Whether the resolution itself was right or wrong is

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Restaurant Review: The Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe; Tiger Burning Bright

Bengalis simply love their food and they know how to enjoy it as well. Needless to say they have their unique ways to relating to food as well. Whether it is through their mother or grandmother’s secret recipes, folklore, geographical barriers, aromatic associations or even through the growls of a Bengal tiger! Interesting right! Well the latest kid on the block, the Royal Bengal Tiger Café, dedicated to creating awareness about the endangered species is a place worth visiting. The décor of the café is worth mentioning. Trust me you would be worth entertained as you step into this café.

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Equality is Important, Both in Life and Diet

quality is a difficult thing to achieve in life. I almost always feel it’s utopian in nature. This month the new government celebrated #SaalEkShuruaatAnek on social media. I personally got 2 messages from our tech savvy Prime Minister’s office. Won’t lie, it did feel nice to see my name and his signature on a virtual piece of paper. But between all this shuruaat, have we got the basics right? Basics of equality, have we even got it in our heads right. I am not talking about the villages here. I am a hard-core urban girl, born and brought up in

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Diageo Reserve World Class hosted an exclusive evening to celebrate the India champion Alfonso Del Portillo’s journey at the competition. Last month, Portillo edged his competitors and swayed the judges with his speed, meticulous execution and balanced cocktails in Mumbai at the India finals to emerge as the India Bartender of the Year. To relive this experience, Bangalore’s Drinks on MG Road was the perfect setting for a special masterclass where Alfonso showcased his winning concoctions – Atlantic Martini, Mayor of London and Botanical Heritage. Alfonso set the mood for the evening with Atlantic Martini made with the Talisker, Tanqueray

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