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Punishment Posting; Life after Death – A Story

buy Pregabalin uk A short story on karma & consequent astral chart configuration. Raghuveer Malhotra was a very successful Industrialist. At the mere age of 49 he had built up an entire empire of his own- from scratch! He had just been to an interview with Doordarshan and was driving back home. He loved driving his own car and the one he was driving right now had recently been imported from UK, tailor made for him. He was

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How will the Universe end? Three likely possibilities from Astrophysics & Cosmology

Universe – all that there is, was and will be… This sounds like a bit too philosophical take on defining the term, but in a way, it’s correct even scientifically. It is the potential playground of all those particles, stars, nebulas and planets that will come to existence at a later time. It had been the background of the things that were, in the past. And it’s inevitably true that it is the support of the existence of everything there is!

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Reiki: Modern Astrology

  Astrology holds a strong position in the Hindu mythology irrespective of the occasion. Be it a marriage or puja etc, the one thing we always care about is what the stars have to say.  But astrology is not only about the twelve sun signs and there are also other forms which not only cure difficulties but also provide the solutions of the minute problems. Astrology branches include Tarot cards , Reiki etc . Now

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Gifting Made Easy: Via Your Zodiac: Part II

In the last post we analyzed the first six zodiac signs and what should be gifted according to sun signs. In this one, we continue with gift suggestions for the next set of six sun signs. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug22): The rulers of the zodiac, Leos are regal, passionate, dynamic and dramatic. Somewhere deep within Leos there is the need to be pampered and treated like a star. They love gifts that spell lavishness and

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