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Sreesanth: Speed Kills

purchase Lyrica in canada If S. Sreesanth had been able to keep his life half as straight as the seam position of his deliveries, life would have been different, feels Jaideep Ghosh One can only feel a little sorry for the cricketers who got snared in the match-fixing case. Their real crime was that they got caught, in a world where the media is as virulent as it is extensive. Twenty years ago, they could have cried their way

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What The Indian Monk (FB Page) Got me thinking”

I saw this photo and the disgusting caption that accompanies it first at GotStared.At page on FB. I was like here it is again… the most common statement made by many guys and girls alike that IT is the kind of clothes worn by women that provokes rape. Well if that is true then men are no different from animals who cannot control their ‘instincts’ which rule their brains. This is something that I do

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Ashes, Champagne And Yuck: The Ill-Defined Peeing Episode

So after the final test drew to a close after England’s late charge towards victory was halted by bad-light, the Poms well and truly got to lay their hands on the historic Ashes urn. Australia was totally outplayed in the series and England fittingly won the series 3-0. No doubt the historic rivalry of the Ashes transcends ages and generations, but that doesn’t call for an utterly disgusting way to celebrate the victory. For those

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Parental Guide To ‘Freedom’ And ‘Risk’

Post the gang-rape in Mumbai, a friend observed ‘thank God, I don’t have daughters’. But Jaideep Ghosh has, and he wouldn’t have it any way. The plus of having a teenaged child is that you get tech savvy in double-quick time. But as a parent of a teenager, you also need to be able to gauge between what is too much interference, or not. So when I got savvy to Whatsapp, I keep tabs on

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Defining Moments : India at 66

From Dominion to Republic, 1950. The Dominion of India becomes the Republic of India on 26th January 1950 by adopting the newly drafted constitution. Today, we are the largest democracy in the world and the constitution is the largest one in the world and maintains its unique nature while adopting several portions from British, US & other constitutions of the world. Biggest Gamble in History : First General Elections 1951-52 It was like the biggest

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Reflections On The Understanding Of Poverty

Malathy Madathilezham tries to decipher the real definition and the measures of poverty and more importantly tries finding ways to get rid of the malaise.  Poverty is a much-debated topic. We all have at some or the other point discussed on some issue related to poverty. The ‘poverty line’ is a recurrent topic that comes into picture during these discussions. How do we define and measure this complex’’ phenomenon? More importantly how do we get

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Greed Becomes Indistinguishable From Human Life

Sarvesh Mehrotra in this classic writes how greed is the new God. Read on I was reading an article today about how technology is the new religion. It explored how people gather at Apple conferences with a sense of anticipation and euphoria at a new product launch, and how a shared world of technology that was common between everyone created a sort of tribe that celebrated the “god” and worshipped together. I believe that is

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Eve Teasing? Are You Kidding Me?

Frankly,I take offence to this term eve teasing.. Wikipedia describes this term as a euphemism used in India and Pakistan for sexual harassment or molestation of women by men in public… According to me it just makes light of the inexcusable, immoral and lecherous actions of filthy cowardly men who do not leave an opportunity to humiliate women. Personally, I myself have undergone and have seen such shameful instances and am proud to say that

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Safety Of Women And Self Defense

We are all living in this illusion of safety. That a woman can be attacked and assaulted in the ladies compartment of a train is totally appalling. It shows us the lack of security and safety in our cities. Delhi, even though it is the capital of India, is somewhere I would not want to live in and neither would my parents encourage. Just the  incidents that actually get reported would discourage any woman to go

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The Tale Of Entrapment

Under the affect of alcohol he could barely walk, walking looked so dangerous for him. His hands battled with glass wall to hold them. Tremendous pull of gravity made his grounded feet imbalanced and prone to collisions. His blurry vision and loose tongue crowned him as a super dangerous orator. Isn’t it “ITS KEWL”? [Caution – My woven thoughts might sound CONSERVATIVE but understand the underlying message. READ THIS WITH OPEN HEAD]   Youth population

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