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कच्ची कली

buy prednisone 20mg यह कितनी कोमल और भली है क्योंकि अभी यह कच्ची कली है इसका काम अभी तो बढ़ना बनकर फूल अभी तो खिलना रहने दो इसे अभी यों ही इसे अभी और है सजना होकर बड़ी एक दिन यह स्वतः फूल बन जायेगी बनकर फूल सुगंधित यह फिर दुनिया को महकायेगी या फिर कोई चुन लेगा इसको और यह धागे में पिरोई जायेगी फिर पड़कर किसी माला में यह किसी गले का हार बन जायेगी या

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#BetterDemocracy: Democracy or the lack of it in 498A

“The quality of a nation’s civilization can be largely measured by the methods it uses in the enforcement of criminal law”. – -The Supreme Court Of India, 1994. The concept of democracy in India is as porous as India’s border, with respect to loopholes being present. There are fronts where democracy is strong and there are fronts where democracy is turned a blind eye. While India as a whole is deemed better than many countries

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Peshawar Attack: Attack on Humanity

etodolac 200 mg para que sirve How can someone be so cruel, so inhuman,so ruthless? These were the only words which I could ramble after I heard of a brutal attack on school children in the town of Peshawar. I think every individual who heard of it thought the same. The attack was not on those innocent school children, it was on humanity. Children are most beautiful creation of god, so innocent that just by looking at their face you can forget

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The world has lost its glory

I turn seventeen today. The gift I have been longing for will finally be a reality. A year later I will be a full-grown adult. My country lets me vote at that age. It is an exciting phase of my life, yet something seems to be missing. I have had a fabulous childhood. My world was filled with loads of love and care. My parents were working, yet had the time for my bedtime stories.

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#BetterDemocracy: Abuse of Women in the Public Sphere

Does it start with eve-teasing- the common euphemism for the abuse and violence women experience on the streets in various parts of India? Does it end with the offender being punished or the women being convinced into ‘submission’? When a young girl comes home, disturbed, at experiencing violence and abuse on the streets for the first time, she is told that ‘neither is this something new nor can it be stopped; Just Ignore’. She then

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The expectations that UBER set make them responsible for mishaps

Let me start with a caveat here. I am a voracious reader on the issues around these mobile-app based cab services. I read more on the loopholes that they work around and the limitations these guys work with in their already weak arsenal. I have over the past few weeks also posted a lot of anti-uber articles that I have found across western blogs and a website called Cult of Mac. But I have done that

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#BetterDemocracy: মমতার ক্ষমতা – The power of Mamata

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায় ভাই রে ও ভাই কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায় আমি যে দিকেতে চাই, চেয়ে অবাক হয়ে যাই আমি অর্থ কোনো খুঁজে নাহি পাইরে   ও ভাই রঙ্গ করে প্রফেসর যায় জেলে কিন্তু দোষ নাহি ভাই ঘরে ঢোকালে ছেলে রেপ করা ভাই ছোট্ট ঘটনা , মিথ্যা লোকে করে রটনা আবার হাবিজাবি সারদা কেনে কোটি টাকা ঢেলে কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়   ও ভাই নীল সাদা বাড়ির সামনে বস্তি দেরী হওয়ায় মমতা’র ড্রাইভার খায়

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#BetterDemocracy : Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log

Yes! Indian Democracy is biggest in the world. But I still feel its in DEMO version… According to Abraham Lincoln: Democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people. In a democratic country the laws are made for the people. However, in India Laws are bought and sold here depending on the financial strength of the rich people involved. BlackMoney list has come, but really we don’t know when and how that

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Bihar suffering at the hand of an over-ambitious Nitish Kumar

It was in June last year in 2013 that I visited Bihar across two important districts Patna and Gaya respectively and saw people really fearlessly leading their lives. The autowalas were earning their livelihood without having to pay any ‘Rangdari-tax’. The jewelers could operate till late 9PM and no protection money to pay to the local ‘Gundas’ or to the politicians. People could go and come from Railway station late night or early morning without

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Is Only Media To Be Blamed for the Shweta Basu Story?

“Oh! To be a child star-to find fame and fortune before you’re able to set your own bedtime”. Today as the national award-winning actor Shweta Basu is embroiled in a prostitution racket controversy, I am getting sick seeing the wrong questions being asked. By raising our doubts on the ethics of the news channels, we are just using an easy way out and exposing ourselves to the ignorance we have towards such issues. Tell me,

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