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An Open Letter to all Salman Khan Fans Dear Salman Khan Fans, Since we all know what has happened to our favourite actor Mr. Salman Khan, there’s no need for anyone to explain. He’s done a lot of work for several people and his acting is something no one can comment on. All of us make mistakes. After all, we are only humans! Intentionally or unintentionally, at least once in our life, we hurt others. Sometimes, we do certain things that leave a

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पुरुष मानसिकता और नारी (भाग-२)

मैं बड़े आदर के साथ पूछना चाहता हूँ की जो प्रिंट,इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व सोशल मीडिया अब तक भारत की छवि को दुनियाँ भर में महानता की बुलंदियों तक पहुँचा रहा था वह आज अचानक भारत की सच्चाई का आइना दिखाने पर देश की छवि को धूमिल करने वाला कैसे हो गया| वास्तव में मीडिया का कर्तव्य दुनियाँ में अच्छाई व बुराई की सच्चाई को ईमानदारी से समाज के सामने प्रस्तुत करना ही है| फिर यह समाज

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पुरुष मानसिकता और नारी (भाग- ३)

धर्म सूत्रकारों व स्मृतिकारों ने तो नारी के शोषण की हद ही कर दी|    मनुस्मृति में स्त्रियों को शूद्रों  की श्रेणी अथवा उससे भी नीचे की श्रेणी में रखकर नियम, क़ानून बनाये| पति की सेवा करना(मनु० 5/155),  उसकी आज्ञा मानना  (याज्ञ० 1/77)  और उसे देवता की तरह आदर देना या पूजा करना नारी का परम धर्म कहा गया| भले ही वह सदाचारहीन,  व्यभिचारी, गुणहीन और धूर्त ही क्यों न हो| (मनु० 5/154 तथा पाराशर० 4/16

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पुरुष मानसिकता और नारी (भाग-१)

दुनियाँ के अन्य देशों की तरह भारत में भी नारी के प्रति दुर्व्यवहार ,अत्याचार और बलात्कार की घटनायें आमतौर पर होती ही रहती है | ऐसी ही एक वीभत्स घटना भारत की राजधानी दिल्ली में 16 दिसम्बर 2012 को घटित हुई जिसमे 6 पुरुषों  के द्वारा एक 23 वर्षीय युवती (निर्भया) के प्रति भयानक क्रूरता के साथ दुर्व्यवहार किया गया और सामूहिक बलात्कार के बाद घायल कर मरणासन्न अवस्था में उसके एक मित्र के साथ

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Lets educate our Men first

Being a resident of Delhi for 25 years I can easily conclude the following: You wear a nice fitted top and jeans, 90% of the men will stare at you. On the other hand if you are fully clad in a salwar kameez dupatta, less than 10% of them will hardly give you a second glance. Funny isn’t it. Sad, but true story. And many women I spoke to agreed to my observation. And since

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Its good to be deaf than to hear these #Rape justifications

As the controversy of the #IndiasDaughter video charged up, some images arose. Images that could burn you further on the psychology of some who have been hailed as leaders by some in this country, and also some who have been hailed as religious gurus. When you see these images below, do not be surprised, because if there was not this, rape wouldn’t have been an endemic as it is in India. We possibly have been

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#NirbhayaInsulted: What are we hiding behind?  

A lot of debate on the film ‘India’s Daughter’ actually happened even before the film was seen, and based on this debate/furor it was promptly banned. I don’t blame the naysayers in this case as their perception was based on the despicable statements and lack of remorse by the rapist and his lawyers, which is really blood boiling when you watch it. But that apart, the film actually holds a mirror to the society. It

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Shouldn’t BBC be banned for defying Supreme Court and GoI?

BAN BBC: Leveraging Nirbhaya’s horrific crime for commercial benefits or Freedom of Speech Snapshots of the leaked Interview Video: Convicted Rapist Comments: A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. A decent Women should not dare to come out after 9 pm. Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars, at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes. After my conviction, rapists will be prompted to kill victim and

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The story of Kuldip Narayan, the David who is taking on the Goliath in Bihar

This document has been prepared to give complete picture about latest episodes of Bihar Government becoming a tool in hands of the Builder Mafiosi. Mr. Kuldip Narayan (IAS: 2005, Bihar Cadre), Patna Municipal Commissioner has been suspended by the Government of Bihar on 12.12.14 (Friday) on very flimsy and frivolous grounds meant to circumvent and indirectly violate order of High Court and Supreme Court. It is apparent on face of it that it was done

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This is my first post as an author of MSK. These lines I had written after the brutal attack on kids in Pakistan. आज मौत मायूस बैठी है, आज मौत से भी भयानक गलती हुई है, वोह चली और ले आई मासूम बच्चों को अपने साथ, वोह बच्चे जो गए थे पढ़ने ना की मरने. वोह बच्चे जो गए थे कुछ नया सीखने. पेशावर की ऐसी घटना जो हर इंसान को सोचने पे मजबूर करती

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