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Reporter’s Diary: A Food Tour In The Walled City “I have the food map of Delhi in my head,” shares Anubhav Sapra, who calls himself the “foodie in chief” of Delhi food walks. The group frequently organises Food walks for the gastronomic. The latest food walk was organised in the walled city area where I was part of the group. Informing us about the Walled City, Anubhav says, “One of the special experiences of eating out in the walled city is that each of

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RAPE….From A Girl’s Perspective

I was talking to a lady friend of mine. The most common news now a days we see in channels or read in newspapers is Rape. So I just tried to understand her point of view, what does she think. This piece is a reaction against the action of male, rape, from a girl’s perspective. “When the 16 december rape happened I wasn’t in delhi. I came back almost a month after the incident. In

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4 Places You Should Definitely Eat At Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its royal forts, havelis and outstanding food alongside hospitality. You go to any restaurant in town that is a little traditional in nature and the staff there would make sure you are well fed and are having good burps when leaving the place. The variety of tempting and mouth watering cuisine is also baffling to say the least. You just can’t have everything is how the menu looks across eateries. I

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Jaipur City
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Headed Jaipur: 5 Places You Can’t Miss

For me to step out of home and go anywhere on a holiday which is sans wildlife is a little tough. I am a wildlife enthusiast and make sure there is that element wherever I go. This time when I headed Jaipur it was simply because I had a complimentary night with Trident and had to use it before August when it was due to expire. The closest was Jaipur and I could travel there

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‘Will DDA Give My Plot After I Die?’

Captain (Retd.) Maharaj Singh Uppal fought in the 1971 war against Pakistan, which ended with the creation of Bangladesh. Years later, when he was serving in Kargil, he lost his son but couldn’t make it for the funeral due to severe climatic conditions and terrain. In 1981, Captain Uppal was among the thousands who paid money for a plot in Delhi’s Rohini area. Frustrated over the Delhi Development Authority’s delay in allotting his plot, he

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Bangalore Finds A Smart Way To Recycle Its Waste

According to the state census board’s 2011 data, Bangalore has grown to be the fifth largest city in the country. Alongwith the population explosion, the city has also seen a rise in solid waste generation. As reported by the Karnataka Directorate of Census Operations, in the year 2000, the city generated 1,450 tonnes of solid waste per day. In 2010, the number more than doubled to about 3,600 tonnes of solid waste being generated each

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