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Reasons Why You Should Attend Vadfest 2015 – 2

This is the second part about the wonderful reasons you should definitely join the #Vadfest2015. The first part which speaks about Food, Music, Dance and Theater at the fest can be found here. – The Shopping Festival All you shopaholics, Vadfest presents to you a one shop destination and a quintessential shopping experience where an array of products will be displayed. The aesthetics of the handicraft industry, the glitz and glam of Gujarati attires such

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Reasons Why You Should Attend Vadfest 2015 – 1

This January, Vadfest 2015 will witness a coming together of thousands of visitors from across the globe to be a part of an immersive journey that will celebrate the art, culture, music and traditions of Vadodara. This festival promises to be a watershed moment in the history of India and has something for everyone. Are you still wondering why you should attend this festival? Read on for the top reasons to be a part of

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#BetterDemocracy- For the people, Of the people and By the people

Is it the problem of potholes or the non functioning street lights on the main roads or is it the most talked issue of ‘cleanliness’ perse in the cities that we live in; the cause for worry, what is it? I think that amongst these, there are some major setbacks arising from the daily hassle. It may just begin from the regular issues of neighbors fighting amongst themselves just for the fact that each one

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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 2

You can read the first part here The next major tectonic shift that tilted scales in India’s favor was a bunch of seemingly unconnected events that seemed to happen around the same time. Apple iPhone’s launch, IRCTC, Prime Time Television, A liberalized FDI policy, IT revolution, real estate boom, and India’s burgeoning billion plus population. Well it may seem disconnected, but here’s how we connect the dots with these events. a) Mobile and Tablets– Apple’s iPhone

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Religion best suited for the mankind

I am not a preacher. Neither am I going to challenge your religious beliefs; irrespective of whether you are a believer, non-believer, a conservative, a modernist, or one who simply doesn’t care. Over next few minutes all I will try to do is ask you to find an answer to one simple question- if mankind had just one religion to live by, what would that look like? Maybe by the end of this post, we

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इस शहर की शाम से परेशां सा हूँ…

इस शहर की गलियों से अंजान सा हूँ गली में लगी दुकानों को देख हैरान सा हूँ आस पास भीड़ तो दिखती है मगर इस भीर में गुमनाम सा हूँ इस शहर की शाम से परेशां सा हूँ… सडको पर मोटरगाड़ियों को देखता हूँ मगर इन गाड़ियों में बैठे लोगों से अंजान सा हूँ नज़रें ढूंढती है कि कोई अपना सा मिले पर अपनों की खोज में हैरान सा हूँ इस शहर की शाम से

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World’s Best Metro Systems: A Glance

One of the greatest questions we, the modern city-dwellers, face, is how we can build more flexible MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit Systems) in and across our cities. With time, the population of cities have risen, nearly everywhere across the planet. Be it New York, the US or Mumbai, India, the population pressure seems to be forever rising. It can be fairly argued that a city is much like the human body. Analogous to the blood

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Balmiki Mandir: Bapu’s Forgotten Address in Delhi

Rajghat, Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, is one of the most popular tourist spots of Delhi but few people know the address of ‘Bapu Awaas’ where Gandhi stayed for two hundred and fourteen days between April 1946 and June 1947. The place now known as Balmiki Mandir is located on Mandir Marg near Gole Market, Connaught Place. Besides the Balmiki Mandir, the road is lined up with many other prominent places of worship such as Birla

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Act When It Matters: A Social Experiment

The video is a culmination of a social experiment done with an upmarket showing how  ignorant we all get when we see a individual being discriminated because of his/her appearance.    I am sure you would have seen this on many occasions. Personally while traveling out of city, I have come across the same on multiple occasions at airports when a man with a cap is searched as if he is always carrying some trouble.

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Metro Systems In Delhi And Kolkata, A Lesson To Learn

Kolkata – The City of Joy, the eastern megametropolitan, the cultural capital of India. This is the rosy picture painted in the minds of some people still, when the hear the name of the city. Truly, Kolkata has some uniquely amazing features – it’s home to the second largest sports stadium in the world, the only existing tramway system in Asia, the largest museum in the continent and… the best metro system as declared in

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