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Restaurant Review: The Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe; Tiger Burning Bright

go Bengalis simply love their food and they know how to enjoy it as well. Needless to say they have their unique ways to relating to food as well. Whether it is through their mother or grandmother’s secret recipes, folklore, geographical barriers, aromatic associations or even through the growls of a Bengal tiger! Interesting right! Well the latest kid on the block, the Royal Bengal Tiger Café, dedicated to creating awareness about the endangered species is

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An Open Letter to all Salman Khan Fans

Dear Salman Khan Fans, Since we all know what has happened to our favourite actor Mr. Salman Khan, there’s no need for anyone to explain. He’s done a lot of work for several people and his acting is something no one can comment on. All of us make mistakes. After all, we are only humans! Intentionally or unintentionally, at least once in our life, we hurt others. Sometimes, we do certain things that leave a

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Exotic Renewal Rituals for the Lords of Puri Dham: The Nabakalebara

Exotic Renewal Rituals for the Lords of Puri Dham: The Nabakalebara. Nabakalebar is an ancient ritual associated with Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha, when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are replaced by a new set of Idols. A year which has two months (Adhika masa) of Ashadha as per the Hindu Calendar is auspicious for conducting the ceremony. This usually occurs every twelve to nineteen years. The Idols are made from a

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India and Beyond-1: Uttar Pradesh

Its that time of the year when the summer vacations are about to begin. Many of you must be planning of your favorite trip to your dream destinations. Places like London,Paris,Swiz..etc etc always top the list of the vacation goers.But if at all you are planning of some trip in our own country, believe me the list is endless. Yes, abroad is always an attractive destination for desi people, but having traveled almost the whole

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Lets educate our Men first

Being a resident of Delhi for 25 years I can easily conclude the following: You wear a nice fitted top and jeans, 90% of the men will stare at you. On the other hand if you are fully clad in a salwar kameez dupatta, less than 10% of them will hardly give you a second glance. Funny isn’t it. Sad, but true story. And many women I spoke to agreed to my observation. And since

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Of India, and changing India

All of us, once at least would have asked this question: “What will happen to this country!” (“kya hoga iss desh ka!”)… I have asked this question several times to myself and now I helplessly admit that I have concluded that “iss desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta!”. India is going to remain India. By this I mean the attitude of the people and not the other dynamics – like usage of mobile phone for

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The story of Kuldip Narayan, the David who is taking on the Goliath in Bihar

This document has been prepared to give complete picture about latest episodes of Bihar Government becoming a tool in hands of the Builder Mafiosi. Mr. Kuldip Narayan (IAS: 2005, Bihar Cadre), Patna Municipal Commissioner has been suspended by the Government of Bihar on 12.12.14 (Friday) on very flimsy and frivolous grounds meant to circumvent and indirectly violate order of High Court and Supreme Court. It is apparent on face of it that it was done

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog – 2

The first part of this photoblog with some really good misty pictures of an early morning in Bangalore can be found here. Overnight journey, sleep deprived people in speeding buses and cars are racing about on empty roads to get to their destination and warm up at their homes, and maybe even catch a power nap, before deciding to reluctantly turn up at work. When the night gives way to the morning, you have the

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog

While #DilliKiSardi is what people fondly remember when it comes to winter in India, there are other places, where winter may not be as strong, but it surely has its own character and colour. I live in Bangalore and Chennai, alternating between the cities. Given Chennai, has very little of what constitutes a winter, I decided to have a look at what an early morning in Bangalore looks like, given that the chill weather rarely

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The world has lost its glory

I turn seventeen today. The gift I have been longing for will finally be a reality. A year later I will be a full-grown adult. My country lets me vote at that age. It is an exciting phase of my life, yet something seems to be missing. I have had a fabulous childhood. My world was filled with loads of love and care. My parents were working, yet had the time for my bedtime stories.

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