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China Saved Pandas, Now Pandas Will Save China

China and Pandas are synonymous. Home to many Panda preservation sanctuaries, China has been making headlines for getting these bears off the ‘Endangered Zone’. China had been making efforts to save Panda but now this Panda will save China. Yes. China built a solar farm shaped like a Giant Panda and it is called Panda Power Plant. This plant situated in Datong will stretch 1500 acres on completion. This power plant has been made by

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Indian Foreign Policy Debate: A Neo-realism and Classical Realism Nuance

‘Where freedom is menaced or justice threatened or where aggression takes place, we cannot be and shall not be neutral.’    – Pt. Nehru speech to US Congress and Senate, October 1949 The fact that India needs stronger relations with United States to deal with the constellation of power around her is not a bone of contention between classical realists and neo-realists. The question is to add a variable which gives an important nuance to

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NSG is not strategic but the strategic involves NSG

unisom 25 mg tablets NSG is not worth the effort but process wise it’s important to make the effort to enter. Good Indo-US relations are worth the effort. If US does not involve itself in Asia, India, Japan and others can’t do anything about China.   China does not forget, it will never forget it’s century of humiliation before 1949 and Chinese are very hard working people and PLA is a party state army, the only army that serves

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Plagued by Poverty

PLAGUED BY POVERTY “Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid; it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings…” -Nelson Mandela A fatal disease has broken out, Let me tell you what it’s all about… The people affected by this, Clothes, food and shelter if they had, I wish! This epidemic is not newly discovered, but ageing, It does nothing other than inhibiting a country from prospering. To treat

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Xiaomi MI 3 Review: Good phone with awesome features

The acceptability of Chinese phones in India hasn’t been great till date but Xiaomi looks like its here to stay. Despite all the issues it’s facing, from opposition in the IAF for data security to the problems of scarcity, the brand looks like is here for a long run. The Sale of MI 3 till date is testimonial to that. Xiaomi’s MI 3 is their flagship phone with mid segment with mind blowing pricing as

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The Lady: A Pale Recreation Of The Original – Review

  The Lady is the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband Dr. Michael Aris. It is also the story of her peaceful fight against the oppressive military regime of Burma. Despite such long distance and failure to meet each other often, the film portrays the love of the two protagonists living across continents for most parts after Kyi’s fight begins. Plot: The film opens up with Michael’s (David Thewlis) discovery that he has

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सरहद पार-कैदी की पुकार

  अभिनव सिंह की एक छोटी सी कोशिश… सरहद पार कैदियों की स्थिति का चित्रण… इस कविता के माध्यम से  भारत के सरहद पार, सलाखों के पीछे से कैदी की पुकार।  हे! भाग्य विधाता, क्युं नहीं मेरे भाग्य जगाता।  रोज रात को सोता जब मैं, रो देता हूँ अक्सर तब मैं। आंखों से गिरते आँसू की धार, याद दिलाती है माँ के आँचल का प्यार। नव प्रभात आता है जब-जब, आतें है मन में विचार तब-तब।  क्या कोई ऐसी सुबह

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Indo-China Bhai Bhai

For the first time, future shared interests are taking over the past differences in the relations between the countries on the two sides of the McMohan line. In light of the Chinese incursion in Ladakh last month, the gesture of choosing India as his first official visit by Premier Li, hint at a possible positivism in Sino-Indian relations. Both leaders spoke of the territorial disputes, trans-border rivers, peace and stability as well as improving economic ties by looking

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