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The politico-capitalist nexus: crony capitalism

 It was the summer of 1766 when Ivan Polzunov, a Russian mechanic’s apprentice, invented a steam engine which was completely independent of the use of water power culminating into one of the most remarkable designs which had the potential to accelerate the industrial revolution by leaps and bounds. The project was sent to Empress Catherine II. She awarded him 400 rubles but did not seem to appreciate the new technology, as she found the British design more reliable. A Scottish inventor, James watt started experimenting with steam, got a patent in 1769, and began commercial production in 1775. The Russian

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So this one is to get you closer into our world. The crazy back end that goes on behind a start up ! the roller coaster ride where there is no one and nothing to motivate you –except your idea , your faith and trust in the people who embark upon this journey with you ! We hope through our story, you gain our one main aim “SHARING HAPPINESS & MOTIVATION SO WE ALL HELP ONE ANOTHER FULFIL OUR DREAMS !” We all know how dependent we have gotten on the app culture that has been created pretty much all

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Advantages of Working with Local Internet Marketing Agencies

Small to medium sized businesses are faced with various problems that they have to deal with, ranging from the competition they face to local economy fluctuations. Any successful local business is looking for opportunities and does plan ahead. Business owners have to use the internet because of how popular it is so this basically means that internet marketing agencies have to be considered. You will quickly figure out that there are many opportunities that can be taken into account. The best choice is always the one that you make when you are patient and you learn all that you can

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6 Natural Ways to Cure Depression

It might come as a surprise but Indians are a depressed lot. True. Indians are among the world’s most depressed. According to a World Health Organization (WHO)-sponsored study, while around 9% of people in India reported having an extended period of depression within their lifetime, nearly 36% suffered from what is called Major Depressive Episode (MDE). Depression is usually characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy and poor concentration, besides feeling depressed. While medicines help in curing the disease, there are natural ways of getting rid of

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Being a winner doesn’t always mean crossing the finishing line first

Off loading her truck laden kind of school bag, she doesn’t seem sad but rather upset and says; “Mumma I can’t fight back I am very short in my class friend helps me she is tall na.. so she can fight..they get scared of her! Yes it’s not easy to digest that, specially words uttered off a five-year-old something when she ends up in a verbal or silly physical tussles. So you must be wondering what’s new about it? We now persist in those times where it’s not only OK but paramount to fight back. Where it’s not what

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A rebuttal to a daughter-in-law from a son and a husband

I scrolled through this piece on AkkarBakkar some 10 days back. I felt angry as to how the Internet, something that was supposed to give a life beyond saas bahu bitching, was falling prey to it. I wanted to rebut it then but I did not care much. Today though is a different day. I see my wife sharing this piece on her Facebook profile. This makes me rebut it because tomorrow my sister might share this considering its fashionable to share anything that victimizes feminity, even if the victimizer is another female. It becomes tremendously fashionable when the mother-in-law

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Be the Star of your Amazing life – Do it Now

Be the Star within Yourself.. unlike those stars around you whom you see on TV, internet. No matter what, Do something in your life that gives some positive results to the Society . Apart from your Professional life, you have all potential to share happiness with society. Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you.World needs it more Every heart has its own rhythm, has its own music.. Every heart has its own heartbeats has its own fire. What will people say? leave all these excuses, listen to your heart beat. There are a hundred colors to life, listen to

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Sorry for being spicy

Your brand is what your customers speak about when you leave the room. ~ Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Get closer than ever before to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they even realise it. ~ Steve Jobs of Apple. Well before the Amazons and the Apples of the world created world class technology brands adulated by their customers, I learned an invaluable lesson about building brand loyalty through a great customer experience. Unfortunately, lessons like these do not come in as ”a pre-packaged solution, with on-site customization, enabled by cloud, and rich with

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Do we give our people H.O.P.E.?

The Annual Great Place to Work ® Conference was held in Dallas, US in April 2015. Putting together for you, ten take-aways from the conference. Where do we stand? What distance do we need to cover?  – It’s Personal, Not “Perk”-onal “The real core of a Great Place to Work® are the relationships that people have with each other. Google is a great example of this. Virtually every perk they offer is matched by someone else in Silicon Valley. What’s distinctive about Google is the great relationships they have with employees.” – Robert Levering, Co-Founder of Great Place to Work® – Your employees are

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Corporate Junkie

Panasonic and Sony beeping in custom made Reid & Taylor pockets. A trade for a Rolex throned on his wrist in place of once existent dreams, in now hollow sockets. Adrenaline pumping before high stakes meetings and brunches. Calculating the dose of his choice of drug, penthouse suites and timeline crunches. Dizzy with ambition, painting cocaine bleached canvasses. Narcissistic laughter aimed to beguile others, he, for whom his relaxants are stresses. Dealing with the Devil himself, power tainted and ill-gotten, the realization that humans are not beyond sale; in markets, mergers and acquisitions. Recessions, Inflations, cruel overdoses of risk, of danger unspoken. And when he surfaces

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