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Wearing a uniform can mean many things

Every institution that wants to leave a rich tradition, a rich legacy of its decorum and order and wants to create an ‘Element’ of considerable influence in a majority of cases emphasises on wearing a Uniform. The word itself as one can see puts focus on creating a sense of uniformity but with a difference in interesting ways. Although the general norm is to enforce uniforms in schools, many colleges also place emphasis on a

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Pithora Paintings: Art and Ritual Performance of Rathwa Tribe of Gujarat

Pithora Paintings of the Rathwa Tribe   Folk and Tribal visual cultures are more of a ritual than an art form performed or represented either to express gratitude towards local deities or for a boon to be granted. Chhota Udepur district of Gujarat state is a tribal dominated district approximately 100 kms away from Baroda. The tribes like Rathwa, Bhil and Nayak live in this district have several rituals and wall painting traditions called Pithora

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Reminiscing Ray – Finest Indian Filmmaker of All Time

Born on May 2 1921, to Sukumar Ray and Suprabha Ray, Satyajit Ray is regarded as one of the greatest Indian filmmakers of the 20th century; often referred to as the Bergman of Bengal. Birth and Early Life Ray was born to a distinguished family of artists, litterateurs, musicians, scientists and physicians. His grandfather Upendra Kishore was an innovator, a writer of children’s story books (popular to this day), an illustrator and a musician. His

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Mehak-e-Punjab: A Slice of North Indian Cuisine in Kolkata

A comparatively new player, Mehak-e-Punjab has already become a popular eating joint in Kolkata. Located in Axis Mall, Rajarhat, it is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is famous for offering some of the finest north Indian delicacies. If you are looking towards savoring some of the best in terms of kebab platters and tandoori delicacies, then do remember to stopover at Mehak-e-Punjab at least once. Mehak-e-Punjab is very spacious and has two sitting area. The bar

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Restaurant Review: Range De Basanti Dhaba – Tradition with a touch of Modernity

In Kolkata, many places have reinvented themselves in different styles just to mollify the customers’ changing tastes and to catch up with the trend. This time I chose to visit a new joint that has almost reinvented itself and also its passion for food. Earlier known as the AHD in Sector V, Salt Lake, is now renamed Rang De Basanti Dhaba (RDBD), after its very successful original version at neo-Punjabi land Gurgaon. The joint is

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The Writer

You know what’s the best thing about being a writer? We live different lives every single moment. We watch things much more keenly. What to the world is pointless and inciting, for its inviting. We don’t speak much, but let our pens do the talking. We don’t gossip much, but ensure our work gets people talking. We don’t hate people, cultures or caste. Instead, we embrace them, learn from them, and capture them in our

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Lie… If you must…

And just sometimes, Trapped in your own bed, You struggle to find a ray To dispel the darkness that consumes you From within…   In that moment, you fight your soul, That is ready to lose it all, You know it is your one last chance, To seize yourself from the growing Dark…   And you gather those countless pieces, That have lost all the sheen, Force them together into a whole; Wage a war

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My dream is to fly

Baabush loved to fly kites. He could run along the railway tracks all day, waiting for the gush of air to pick pace as the trains screeched past him. When the winds made their way through the cramped lines, his kite soared, lifting his spirits along. He jumped with joy when his kite went high, as high as the planes that flew in the sky. “Didi, main badaa hoke hawaai jahaaz udaana chahta hun”. I

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Revealing Tagore the Painter on His 154th Birthday

We all are aware of the great literary figure Rabindra Tagore. Yes, he was the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and his composed verse ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was adopted as the country’s national anthem. Though known to the world as renowned poet, versatility was his middle name. He was a poet, novelist, playwright, philosopher, social reformer, musician and also an artist. Egged by an insatiable urge for creativity, Tagore took up

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Charlie Chaplin – the story of the legend

This man is responsible for the smile in billion faces. But his own life was full of misery and problems. All his life he kept facing difficulties, problems but he never stopped working towards putting a smile on the face of his audience. He was from a poor family, his father was not there for him for his entire life and his mother was not in sound mind, most of her life spent in a

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