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Can A Turban Wearing Leader Change NDP’s Political Scenario In Canada?



On 2nd of October, Canada’s National Democratic Party (NDP), which is Canada’s announced Jagmeet Singh as its new leader. He’s the first turban-wearing Singh to have lead the major party or to sit as a provincial legislator in Canada, and he will be contesting against Mr. Justin Trudeau in federal elections, 2019.


NDP is the third major player in federal politics of Canda, but post the so-called “Orange wave” in 2011, it has emerged as the leading opposition party. It announced Jagmeet Singh as it leader when he emerged victorious with 53.6% votes and his close competitor manage to garner only 19.3% of votes. This might be “a milestone” for Canadian Sikhs, and his party hopes that under the new leadership will guide them to sit on the throne.

see url Why was he chosen a leader?

Jagmeet Singh is a religious Sikh, who carries his dagger and has been in news for his dapper style, and love for cycling. The major reason why he got the unanimous support was that his policies were clear and driven by ideologies. Here’s the highlight of his key policy areas:

  • Fighting climate change
  • Restoration of friendly relations with indigenous people
  • Electoral Reform
  • Fighting discrimination & inequality


buy modafinil in australia A long road ahead to winning in Quebec

While there’s no doubt that the charismatic leader has his eyes to winning against Justin Trudeau’s lead Liberal Party. In 2011, NDP recorded a historic win with 103 seats, where they got 53 seats alone (out of 75) in Quebec. But, their performance was poor in 2015, when they managed in only 44 seats and tasted disappointment in regions including Quebec, urban centers in Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.


“For Jagmeet Singh, it’s going to be an extremely arduous and extremely difficult task to win in the French-speaking province”, says Andre Lamoureux, a pol science professor in Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM).

Quebec is the major roadblock for Singh where there has been a rage against religious symbols in public sphere. And mind you, its integral to win in this area as it has been witnessed, kingpin emerges from this particular area.

Now, it’s on time to see how far does Jagmeet Singh goes in changing the game of politics in Canada.

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