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BYOG: Believe in your own God


Being an IT sales professional and an avid follower of the latest trends driving IT, BYOD (Bring your own device) has clouded my mind so much that the best title I could come out for my 1st blog is BYOG.

All this started when I recently got a copy of Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography (playing it my way), and in my excitement to show off my latest possession, I changed my DP on whats app with the cover page of this book that has sachin’s image on it.

Within no second, I got a message from a very old college friend asking if I did not have my own photo to be displayed.

I said, till yesterday I had kept my photo but from today onwards my DP will be my GODs pic. The feedback I got was a very curt and debate-enticing “don’t call him God”. My instant and immediate thought was to aggressively retaliate with all the relevant statistics and prove that none other than God can think of reaching such great heights. But something stopped me from taking that step, my retaliatory stance in  no moment changed to something, I could not explain myself, an innate calmness set into me and I just thought of ignoring that comment. Maybe it was a “divine intervention”.

Next day, on my way to office,a treacherous 2 hour drive from my home, my thoughts were stuck on the comment my friend made and I really started playing the debate game in my mind. I really wanted to win the debate and was looking for real strong justifications to pull it my way. Below is the action replay of my thoughts…me and my friend debating, I will call them Ego (E) and Alter Ego (A.E)

E:- Sachin is GOD because he has done some Super Human stuff in his life. He has reached a zone which NONE can ever reach. Anything which is super human has to be Godly, is it not? 

A.E:- If i have to believe that then all the people who have a record against their name in the Guinness book should be God!

E:- yes correct! but it is virtually impossible to fathom a feat so huge. Sachin’s played in 200 tests and 463 ODIs and has scored a total of 34347 runs. C’mon he has to be something beyond the normal…A GOD!

A.E:- but dude Sachin himself said in a BBC radio interview as recent as yesterday that “He is NO GOD”..

E:- Well, that is obvious, I don’t think that our Gods ever claimed that they were Gods, It was people who believed that they had power to change the course of people’s lives, and these people proclaimed them as God’s

A.E:- What are you talking about, lets take an example of lord Ram, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu, he was the Perfect Man (Maryaada purushottama), lord of self-control, lord of virtue. His life and journey is one of adherence to Dharma despite hard tests and obstacles and many pains of life and time. His colossal war against Ravana’s armies powerful and magical beings, greatly destructive weaponry and battles, Rama slays ravana to proclaim, victory of Good over evil. He ruled on to create Ram rajya, a period of immense happiness, peace, and prosperity.

E:- Agreed! but what makes you feel that Sachin got everything easy. His journey too was saddled with tremendous difficult times. In the current yuga, if I have to pick up the best example of adherence to Dharma, Sachin will definitely be the 1st ever choice. I wonder if Lord Rama had tennis elbow, would he have still managed to lift Shiva Dhanush (bow) and string it?

A.E:- Now! This is hypothetical, why are you getting tennis elbow in here, and Lord Rama being the God, would have possibly self healed it, Sachin still needed doctors from around the globe to get treated

E:- Yeah! Forgot that Lord rama needed Hanuman to fetch the sanjeevani to treat Laxman?

A.E:- Ok! but how will you explain all the failures and downs in sachin’s career. Lets take a score of 50 as a benchmark for success, Sachin has scored more than 50 only 264 times out of the 750+ innings he would have played, which means, he has failed more than 65% of times. If he was God, he should have succeeded every time. 

E:- If failing is a process which makes anyone less God, then lord Rama should have avoided Sita’s kidnapping even before if happened. he should not have lost even a Sole soldier in his quest to win over evil.

A.E:- But Sachin is not Perfect, he had his share of controversies of being a selfish player, of having self-interest above teams interest.

E:- Lord Rama banishing Sita to uphold Dharma, after a Washerman raised questions on Sita’s faithfulness to Rama, can never be considered a perfect behavior. This behaviour is purely humane. Isn’t it?

A.E:- I think you have  a point here, but it just doesn’t sound right! Sachin’s a far cry away from being a part of our folklore, from being a part of mythology, from being a part of school textbooks to explain children the righteous ways of leading life. I still think Sachin should not be called a GOD!

E:- Well! I think the essence to being Godly is actually not being a super human having super natural powers. It is not about being written in scriptures and made Idols of. It is not about being someone whom people pray to assuming all their prayers will be answered.

It is about Inspiring generations, about spreading happiness to everyone, about being an example to preach the right way of shaping ones life. It not necessarily has to be a Sachin even, it can be our parents, our teachers, it can be someone whom you look up to. It is someone who becomes a part of your own personal folklore which you share with your children. It is about deciding on your own, whom you would look for inspiration when in despair. For me it is SACHIN and he is my God. 

A.E:- Yeah! You said it buddy. btw….what is it to do with BYOG


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