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Bunty & Babli, the story of Bihar


source site Aisa koi saga nahi, jisko humne thaga nahi”.

The Bunty & Babli mandate of Bihar politics is over. Like the movie, Bunty (Read: Laloo) conned Babli (Nitish) in creating a new alliance. It was dubbed as Mahagathbandhan against communal politics. What Bunty did not decipher is, this is 2017 and the government is hard selling women empowerment. So Babli did a double con and left Bunty out in the cold.

“Sahi aur galat mein chun na asaan hota hai, par do galat mein se ek sahi ko chun na namumkin hai”.

This is the sad state of affairs we are living in now. Indian democracy is at its lowest ebb. Bihar has only mirrored the bitter truth to us. Till yesterday the men who were believed to be perpetrators of mass killings today are sitting in their air conditioned rooms together and harping on having development and conscience agendas. Second marriage always seems rosy in the beginning, the new partner does everything to woo the children, it is only later that their sinister plans comes to the fore. At the end though, it will be Bihar that will remain the bastard child. As for Babli she can again play the woman victim card and get away with it. “Yeh meri ideology hai, main isse humesha bahar chhor ke aata hun”.

Babli said ‘my conscience pricked me’. Which one sir? How many do you have? Most of us have one. You though seem to have many. Enlighten us, with your conscience. If I am not wrong, this is exactly what you had said ‘when you walked out of the NDA last time’. You know I hate to say this, but you are a spineless politician. You know sir; I belong to the so called ‘upper caste’ group of people in Bihar. Technically I should be happy, that NDA is back in power. But this time around I am ashamed. I am appalled by the thought that ‘my chief minister has no ideology at all’. At least RJD stood their ground when it came to their anti fascist stance. They were in bigger trouble, yet did not budge from their core values. So did the BJP too. They are clear in their heads. They have ‘Hindutva’ as their agenda and power at any cost. What is your ideologies sir?

“Yeh India hai sir, public memory short hai”.

The good bit about social media is that ‘your word is as old as your last update’. Public memory now is defined in 140 words and is forgotten soon. So Babli is least bothered about his ideological stance. What is more important is that ‘he is back as the chief minister of Bihar’. He is back at the helm and as promised Bihar will now see development. But Babli needs to remember, the same social media has a digital record stored. Tomorrow, when the inevitable will happen again, the victim card will hold no value whatsoever.

“Risk toh spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, hum toh phir bhi salesman hai”.

Ram Vilas Paswan had once famously said ‘Sarkaar koi bhi banaye, yeh bangla humesha mera hi rahega’. Aap ke actions bhi aise hi hai. Bihar mein NDA ho ya Mahagathbandhan, kursi aapki bani rahegi. Last time you sold secularism and now you will sell development. Opportunism koi aapse seekhe. Now when the mob will get out of control and beef lynching will begin, tab kya bechoge? Gaflat?

“Play like a champion, train like an underdog”.

Babli and his new partner have begun a new chapter in Bihar electoral politics. But do not make the mistake of undermining ‘Tejashwi Yadav’. He has emerged as the new underdog. Yes! He is tainted like his father, but then who isn’t in Indian politics? Everyone has one or the other case pending against them. The only one, who gains from this change of guard is the heir apparent of RJD. The mood on the ground is divided. The upper castes are happy, but the MY combination feel cheated. The silver lining in all of this is ‘if it took Nitish Kumar a little under two years to understand his mistake, the people have exactly the same time till India votes again in 2019’.

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