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buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk A progressive India. A developing India.

We have all come across these  conclusive messages somewhere. Be it some politician’s pre-election banners or in the triumphing party’s winning speeches. http://totalaoc.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://totalaoc.com/testimonials/will-curtis-managing-director-biggin-hill-airport/ But are these statements really worth their weight?

India can only progress when people of every caste, religion, geography, gender, and sexual orientation come together to successfully hold public decision makers accountable to the common good. India has become home to many great paradigms – visionary leadership and ingrained corruption; divine wisdom and an immutable  caste system; the world’s largest and fastest-growing country alongside pervasive poverty and environmental degradation. I believe we are seeing conditions ripe for a tipping point that will empower  the citizens of India like never before.

Today, citizens are more connected and informed than ever before – http://ipjornal.com/tema/noticias-tecnologia/seguranca there is a hunger for change.

In the last few years we have seen the masses  getting involved and taking steps further to make their opinion count.

– Protests surrounding the Damini Rape case saw the people of Delhi come out and act towards providing better laws and enforcement for safeguarding the rights of women.

– Movement started by Anna Harare saw thousands of people getting involved for the Jan Lokpal Bill.The hunger strikes,the non-violent processions proved that Indians can be unified for a cause.

– The recent success of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi gives a clear view of what the people want. We are getting sick of the stereotype corruption at every level of the system.

Protests in New Delhi

What if we could turn these “movements” into  an era-defining revolution? One that’s enlightened, invariably connected and self-evolving? It would transform the entire power equation.

Digital technology has already revolutionised commerce, communications and media. It can also help to revolutionize democracy. With 100 million Indians already online and mobile phone coverage that extends to an incredible 800 million people, it’s an opportunity we cannot wait any longer to seize.

What if we could instantly engage 1 million people among these in service of a stating an general public opinion that protected the rights of  Indian people?

This is where Opinia360 comes into light.

The app provides us a platform for expressing our views and making a significant contribution towards our society. It provides us with the information on the problem, the opportunity and the means to act. Whether it be the endless scams, the communal chaos or even the state of local arts and entertainment, the Opinia poll questions projects  on all matters of  our society.

When we offer a united opinion, no one will be able to ignore it. In Opinia360’s words:

“Humanity has always evolved for the better when the voices of the people have been brought together. A single opinion may be brushed aside but there is no power that can ignore a million voices speaking as one. It is with this hope that we have created Opinia360”

This vision is real, and it has the power to transform what the next 50 years of Indian democracy will look like. But to launch, it needs you. Together, I believe we’ll look back in years to come and rejoice the start of something that became a powerful catalyst for ordinary Indians to take control of their opinions and hold power to account like never before. 

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