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Brewing The Best Coffee Might Not Be in The Safest Atmosphere


http://shellystearooms.com/shellys-tea-rooms-news-summer-2015 What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a coffee?


Think of a place that matches this scenario. Starbucks?? Yes. A heavenly place that serves the best coffee in the city, treats you well and the music and interiors just add to your experience. Friends or family, this place is just perfect for hanging out at.


What is a usual experience at a Starbucks like?

You enter into the cafe and the aroma of the coffee beans delights you. The interior, the wall arts, the furniture are inviting you to take a seat and the music just takes away your heart.

But what if you rethink your visit to this amazing place serving incredible coffee you had been having for years.

Startbucks RMM

A recent experiment by a man measuring Air Quality Index of few Starbucks across the capital region showed shocking revelations of how having a mug of your favourite coffee comes with an aspect questioning your health. The ambience wherein you relaxed with your friends and family is filled with air that is contaminated enough to land you hospital beds.

Check out the post shared by Rajnath Kamath, who happened to visit Starbucks Greater Kailash 1, wherein AQI (Air Quality Index) for PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter, a kind of pollutant) was recorded as 177 which is considered in the red zone meaning severe.

Post this, 3 Minutes Life took initiative to measure AQIs of few more outlets of Starbucks in the capital region. The results were shocking. 4 out of 5 outlets had Air Quality ranging between hazardous limits. Take a look at the reports.


Starbucks India only 1 in 5 outlets had safe air. You broke our 💔. Indoor pollution is as big as outdoors. Just like we…

Posted by 3 Minutes.Life on Saturday, October 28, 2017

These numbers have made us rethink our decision to hang out at such reputed chains despite serving world best coffee and desserts. We never thought of bringing our family to a place where the air is not safe to breathe in. Think of the employees who work in such environment for hours.

The aroma of freshly made coffee is seen being substituted with air unsafe to breathe in.

We often say – ‘You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a cup of coffee.’ What if that cup of coffee comes with a risk of damaging your health? Coffee is the best medicine to charge you up but having coffee indoors might lead you to take medicines.

Today Starbucks is celebrating the opening of its 100th store in India. So let’s bring this agenda into the spotlight and make Starbucks and other chains of cafes and restaurants act on it. Let’s all consider our health and address this issue of keeping a check on air indoors.

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