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Branches – Concluding Part

Chapters 123456 and 7

The drive was a quite one. Suchi had no idea where they were going. She didn’t mind it very much. She let it be.  It’s nice to be lost at times. It clears the clutter. Yes they were going towards the river. “ When was last time you took a boat ride on the river? “ Ashish asked. “ I don’t remember. Maybe when I was still in school”. Suchi laughed. “Would you like to take it today? “ He asked. “Ya, sure. Sounds adventurous”. She smiled.

Everything was so weird and out of place today. Suchi had never felt like this with Ashish before, as he never seemed very emotional and random. No point thinking and analyzing about it too much. Let it be and enjoy the moment.  They had finally reached the riverside. They went out and took the tickets for the ferry ride. It was a beautiful sunset across the bridge. Everything felt magical to Suchi. She felt a sense of freedom as she never felt before. They went to their ferry and it started after sometime. They chose to stand. Ashish was looking ahead across the river. His face was a battleground of emotions. Suchi wondered what was the matter, which had him brought him to such a state?

“Will you marry me? “ Boom, like a bolt of lightning it came. He was still looking ahead. Suchi started shivering with delight, shock, happiness, and anxiety. She had no idea what to do? She took a deep breath and said, “ I thought you never wanted to get married”. “ You are right, so did I.

I really have no idea what happened to my logical crystal clear mind since last night. But I feel this sense of restlessness with my ordered life. What is this mechanical life I am leading every single day? I am just controlling and letting my days go as they are. I think I need to have some direction finally. I am not very sure how long this crazy feeling will last and maybe I am being rather hasty about it. Yes, you were right. I need a human touch at the end of each day and don’t want to come back to an empty room with no one to share how it went by.

I need someone to be there or atleast the thought that there is someone”. Suchi felt they had switched roles. He finally turned towards her and smiled. So did she. “ Hmm, so how do we take this forward?” She felt as she was talking to her client back in office. He laughed and said, “ So is that a yes? Wow does these things happen this fast? Don’t you need some “time” to think it over? “ “ Hmm as I wanted this so badly, Maybe I could/should think it over what to do next? What is coming to my mind right now is that you could come over to my place and tell my parents first. Or may be we should tell our respective families and can decide a date where they could meet each other? “  “ Hmm it all sounds pretty logistical, what do we with ourselves?” “Do we have to do something? She asked. “ I am not very sure, Suchi myself. Maybe take it how it comes? He asked. “ Yes, that should be the best way”.

So her ride to happiness has started? Will there be roses and peaches ahead or thorns and ditches? She did not know. She possibly could not know. But yes, she would take it as it comes and give it all she had to make it work and travel the path together enjoying every moment. Oh she was getting very fairytale like about this. Maybe that’s the way to be. To let life surprise you as it did to her today, Yes, she felt blessed.

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