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#BoringNightsWithKapil: A Great Show Gone Wrong


It is no more funny. In fact it sometimes annoys. It is turning repetitive and lack of creativity is killing the charm of ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’.

The TV show is moving towards suicide. In this mode it is pretty sure people will start switching channels and it won’t remain a favourite.

Why? I could think of the following three reasons.

– Lack of Creativity: Same dialogues, same people participating, same studio and same jokes. Everybody knows, Kapil does not have milk in his house, Kapil’s wife has wide lips, Dadi is alcoholic and Bua-Pinky is unmarried. I feel sick sometimes watching same conversation on these topics. Palak’s weight and ‘Talk to my hand’ was once a famous topic but repetition has killed its value. Issues are same. It seems like everything in the country including the government has changed in the last few months, except comedy nights.

– Same characters: The initial problem was, Kapil wanted to create a standard mindset about the characters. This strategy can be useful to be remembered by the audience but when you are pretty successful you need to create new characters to deliver some new point of views. At this stage the show looks irrelevant. For example, except the marriage, the Bua actually has nothing to discuss.

– Guest Participation: Sunny Gavaskar was the last guest, in more than a month that I found funny on the show. Vinod Khanna, Sushmita Sen, and others are just irrelevant entries. They can only smile.

If we look at few successful Indian TV shows like, Satyameva Jayate, BigBoss, KBC, Just Dance, we can feel three common characteristics among all of them.

1. Periodic: Always have a life cycle for each series and measure it on weekly basis.

2. Storytelling: Tell new stories everyday, get new people and new topics.

3: Focus on USP: Just Dance was just for excellent dancers, KBC questions always make you learn something new, Big Boss never lets the contestants stop the drama etc.

Kapil, if you read this, look back and am sure you can learn from these stories.


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