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Bollywood 2014: The Good, Bad and the Ugly


Have you ever tried the ‘Book my show’ application on your phone? Or have you ever booked a ticket online? Life has become so much simpler in the age of technology. One can gauge the hype of a movie through IMDB ratings, some of them of course being rigged, but nine times out of ten they get it right. The last decade or so has seen a paradigm shift in the perception of the movie goers. Tickets have become obscenely expensive, forcing viewers to pick and choose wisely.

The disturbing bit amidst all this activities is the lack of options for small meaningful cinema to find its right place amongst a heap of trash dished out every year. Bollywood has this uncanny habit of bettering its worst content record each year. But then there are a few good men, new kids on the block and old school thinkers who manage to serve some delectable films off and on.

The Hindi film industry in 2014 made very few films that did not pinch our pockets. The rest well, even the popcorn tasted bitter. Here I pick the best and the worst five films of the year.

The Misses of 2014

Happy Ending: What was the spoof in this film? Was it romantic comedies in Bollywood? Was it on the fads that dominate our films? Or actually was it on the audience? Who all managed to sit through movies like these spending more than a thousand rupees? Popcorn and coke costs included.

Humshakals: My direct message to the Director is that ‘My four year old nephew writes better essays in school’. Maybe you can find your next inspiration from there.

The Xpose: It had a song whose lyrics went like this ‘Ice cream khaungi, Kashmir jaunga’, like seriously? And then we audiences have the audacity to question Bhojpuri music.

One By Two: Zindagi bhar aapne ki meaningful cinema, but when it came to producing one, you actually chickened out? More was expected from the intelligent ‘DEOL’.

Action Jackson: Bahut ho gaya yaar. We are living the Bollywood civilization. Please be an upright custodian of the industry. That wasn’t expected of Ajay Devgn of all the people. Pedestrian humor, sexist and outright degrading of intelligence was what made Action Jackson poorest.

The Hits of 2014

Haider: Chutzpah anyone? This one was the finest detailing of Kashmir I have ever seen. SRK needs to learn a thing or two from Shahid (who often has been told that he imitates the superstar) on getting into the skin of a character.

PK: It asked the right questions and made the right noises. Showing the mirror to  the society in a humorous manner is a challenge and PK just about pulled it off.

Ugly: How dare did he make a film without a star? Who gives him the right to have a dark ending? Why wasn’t there any item number? Well! If Bollywood had its way, none of his films would see the light of the day, but then GOD has this habit of balancing the good and the bad. Well! In this case, the ugly too.

Aankhon Dekhi: It is confession time; I missed reviewing this film due to other commitments. I missed watching it entirely, until managed a late night show after several friends recommended it. A film that is a must watch.

Queen: It is a rare film. It’s a film that made me see it thrice in the theatres. It was one of this films where the hangover lingered on for quite a few days. Easily the best film of 2014.

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